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Democrats shrank US spending, deficit in last fiscal year, figures show.

If this is "Socialism," I dunno, maybe the "conservatives" could stand to learn a thing or two about fiscal responsibility, after their performance 2000-2008? I'm just sayin....

Anyway, things are okay here. I have not been able to effect the Pregnant!Bella costume, but I did go as L from Death Note to a Halloween party with [personal profile] flamingsword the other night. Much alcohol was had. It's nice to be in a place where you can say, "I was going to come as Jerry Cornelius, but I thought this would be more recognizable" and folks know who the hell you're talking about. I got my car coat back from the cleaners. I could still do it.

Ubuntu 10.10 is out.
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My brother[ profile] jinsei finally caught a flight that got in yesterday, and we went to brunch this morning. YAY. And it was good seeing [ profile] flamesea, too.

In other news - no matter how much I've ever bitched about Ubuntu not working with certain hardware, I'm still convinced that no OS could ever suck as badly as Windows.
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Things have been crazy at work these past two weeks, but at least it's starting to slow down a little.

On the release of the novel Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer, All I can say is,


In other news...every time the Fedora Project or CentOS or Ubuntu or Debian release a new distro, I feel the irrational urge to run right home and try it out. I think maybe I'm trying to find that one version of Ubuntu that will work on my main system right "out of the box" without any hardware conflicts. Fedora Core 7 was great. Ubuntu 7.04 was okay, but 7.10 took one look at my PC's hardware and was like, "LOL, WHAT?" I have been dual-booting from Debian 4.0 and Windows XP ever since. :/ I've been using Debian exclusively on my personal laptop since February 2007.

An experience at work today has convinced me that I absolutely need to learn more about FreeBSD, beyond the general troubleshooting that I do on a daily basis. I had it running on the P3 for awhile, but didn't keep it for very long.
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...So I'm going to try installing Gentoo on the P3.

We will see where this goes.
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I have PINKEYE? D:

How the hell did this happen? It's like the first time in eight years or something.

In other news, I also have Clive Barker's Jericho for the PC. I'll be needing a better graphics card already. There are a couple of good ones on newegg for less than fifty bucks that will suffice. Guess where my "mad money" from my next paycheck will be going?
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...And I am now coming up on my "weekend."

The networking study goes ever on. I'd hoped to get into some web design/CSS stuff on top of that, but I ended up having to work crazy hours again and so my schedule really wasn't open for it. I have a teeny break now that the first class itself has ended, which I plan to use to write as much as humanly possible.

The FC7 is rocking along smoothly. Yay. I'm very strongly considering trying it on the laptop.

Dentist appointment tomorrow. Yay?

To all of those I know in careful out there, mmmkay? ;;o_o


Oct. 15th, 2007 08:27 pm
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OK, so I've played around with Fedora Core enough up here at work that I've decided that I like it a whole hell of a lot better than Ubuntu. FC7 is going on my machine as soon as I get home.

Putting these here for when I get it installed and online:

Fedora Core FAQ.

FC tips and tricks.

I need to get back to doing homework.
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We don't have a router yet, so I plugged Night Train into the modem so I could run updates.

I went back to plain-vanilla Ubuntu. Kubuntu looked like it had a lot of cool features, but it was really buggy for some reason when it was actually installed and loaded. Amarok kept freezing and timing out, and stuff would just crap out for no apparent reason. Hardware conflicts, probably. I should have done more research before buying this motherboard, but oh well. I am eagerly awaiting the next update, when a lot of the driver issues are supposedly going to be resolved.

I think it's hilarious that Ubuntu comes pre-installed with a Matrix "digital rain"-style screensaver. And it's a hell of a lot l33ter than the free ones that I've seen for Windows.

I did well on my second test in CCNA class. I should be studying ahead, but I have a half day off tomorrow (and I can probably get two more chapters out of the way if I really hit it.)
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*Burns Kubuntu Live CD in a fit of curiosity*

*Boots Kubuntu Live CD up on Night Train.

".....DO WANT."

*Installs Kubuntu on Night Train*
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Well, everything's ok around here, except for the migraine that I'm attempting to stave off with some Advil. The home networking experiment was a success. Night Train and Ripple are FTPing merrily back and forth over their cat6 crossover cable.

So yes...Madeline L'Engle passed recently. A Wrinkle In Time was actually required reading when I was in the sixth grade, which is ironic considering how very much like Camatoz the Junior High School that I was attending happened to be. Many Waters is still my favorite. And the fact that she'd apparently been working on a new novel about Meg and Charles as adults just makes it all the sadder. I wonder if a relative will ever finish it, like Frank Herbert's son finished DUNE: Chapterhouse.
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I bit the bullet and signed up for a CCNA certification class this fall, and if I can slide it in I'm also going to be taking web development classes during the winter mini-term. Hooray!

Also, I've seen the story below re-emerge from time to time...just more proof that the modern fundies have no ground to stand on when they claim Gay Marriage/Civil Unions will not be/have never been sanctioned:

Gay Unions Sanctioned in Medieval Europe. )
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First, I'd like to pimp out my brother's old laptop with a bigger hard drive. Ebay has better deals than a lot of the local retailers (and with Frys' stuff being DOA half the time according to what I've heard, it may be a better bet anyway.)

When I need hardware, I typically go to the family-owned hole-in-the-wall computer store near me. If said local computer store has 2.5 sized IDE (though everyone seems to be calling it PATA now) drives, I'll probably just go to them.

It's an older laptop, but one thing I've learned is that "maximum upgrade specifications" on these are really more suggestions than facts. People up at work have shown me all sorts of ways that they've souped up their five-or-six year old laptops. It's like our equivalent of building soapbox racers.

Second: I need to go down to the local community college and register for fall classes. The CCNA classes are timed perfectly around my schedule, but I'd really rather be taking the Unix and programming classes. We'll see.

I'm learning Python. Perl is next. I got the "Llama book." Should I be scared? >:)

I'm still mighty pissed that they closed down the local Hard Rock Cafe. I've been making pilgrammages there in the first or second weeks of August since 1996, and now it's gone. They also closed down the little jazz bar across the street from where the Hard Rock used to be, where Lauren Gifford used to play. It folded right after she started getting better gigs elsewhere, so she must have been the only thing keeping it open.

Speaking of musicians, Amy Winehouse rocks my socks. That is all.
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So, I have this friend. For the moment, let's just call him Smith.

Smith just got his computer out of storage after about 5-7 years. It's a P1 with Win95 and possibly about 16MB EDO RAM, with maybe a 2G hard drive. If that.

It will be interesting to see if he just hooks this thing back up and it comes right up. I've had drives that I've put in storage for up to one year that didn't boot up like they should have when I got them back out'll be interesting if this thing comes back up after seven.

ME: "You know, we could totally put Linux on this thing..."
SMITH: *feline hiss*
ME: "I'm just sayin...."
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I'm going to take my mom's old Gateway with its P3 1GHZ processor, 256MB of PC133 RAM, and 40 GB hard drive, and install FreeBSD 6.2 with GNOME on it. It originally came with Windows ME and the device drivers for Windows ME, and I've never been able to get the drivers for any other release of Windows for it. FAIL. I bet FreeBSD will probably see/work with all of the onboard devices, and it will be an excellent 'FUCK YOU' to both Microsoft and Gateway if I can get it working. I'll probably throw in some more RAM, though.

Plus, my computers now have nicknames...the Gateway is Ripple, and the computer I built back in February is going to be Night Train.

Plus, FreeBSD is the Official OS of The Matrix. It's true!
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UBUNTU 7.04 has NTFS support!!!! FUCKING NTFS SUPPORT!!!! :D

EDIT: What this means is, I can back up files directly from my Windows partition to the Linux partition without Linux exclaiming, "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS THIS?"

HOORAY!!!! Now to get the sound working...which I will be able to do, thanks to the helpful folks over at [ profile] ubuntu_users

I ended up not playing D&D. Instead, we had an Ubuntu 7.04 release party of our own. And went to Denneys. That was my "weekend," pretty much. I haven't been out of the house much except for work or school lately, and it was good to get out.

Oh well. XD I should probably get to bed now.
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The way things are going now, I have an option of either winding up at A.) a Dungeons and Dragons Game, or 2.) The Ubuntu 7.04 release party in Denton, which will be taking place on the UNT college campus.

To quote Catharine O'Hara's character Delia in Beetlejuice, "Who has more fun than us?" XD
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OK, I got Gnome to install from the Debian Sarge discs I have. I saw all of the stuff unpack itself. It still won't launch on boot.

I started looking through some forums, and found the command "apt-get install windows-x system gnome." That didn't work.

I'm thinking of just burning a copy of Etch at work and trying to install it instead. I've never had any problem with Etch, which is what I use on my laptop. I was just using the Sarge discs because those were what I had on hand at home, but someone on the Gnome Support Forum recommended upgrading anyway. At least I've already gone through the installation process to make it dual-boot with Windows, so I know what to do and what to expect this time.

^_^ We will see where this goes.

EDIT: Whoops! apparently I have to change it to runlevel 5 in /etc/inittab.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

See this? For those of you who are new to my f-list, this grinning young mallgoth is me at age 20. Which is when I was the most physically fit that I've probably ever been in my entire life.

Lots of people keep "skinny pictures" of themselves around for motivation when they diet. I am going to get back to the point where I was physically ten years ago, and I know it can happen, because I've done it before. I've essentially lost and gained back the same 40 pounds about three times since I was 14. And for me, counting calories and exercise really is the only way to go.
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Well, seeing as how it's literally been years since I've seen a dentist, I think I got off pretty light. But two weeks from now, they want to replace all four of my pre-existing fillings, and put in two new ones. The possible necessity of braces on my bottom row of teeth was discussed. And at some point at the undetermined future, I will need my top two wisdom teeth out - but it's not a pressing concern at the moment. My job's insurance will be paying for over half of it though, which rocks. All in all, I consider this a good thing, because the fillings that I do have are visibly breaking down/corroding after years of wear. I'm surprised none of them have come out on their own yet (which has happened to some people I know.)

The Linux/Windows dual-boot experiment has gone swimmingly, EXCEPT that the discs I have didn't install Gnome or any other type of GUI desktop environment for some reason, even though I asked it to. Oh well. That will be corrected as soon as I can get this biatch up on the internets. The Windows space will be primarily used to run games and iTunes on. The Linux space will be where I do all my actual work.

More later. :D
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A misbehaving switch at the Data Center where I work = BROKEN INTARWEBZ.

But at least my weekend, such as it is, quickly approaches.

First of all...All True Geeks Make Backups. There's no excuse for not doing so. The place where I work offers a backup service for an extra charge to our clients. But we *do not* back up files on our servers as a free, automatic service, as many customers apparently mistakenly believe that we do. Tantrum throwing doesn't bring lost files back, either. >:P

Also...I'm going to back up all my files, format my hard drive, and then see if I can set up Windows and Debian to dual-boot (and get Debian to recognize all the onboard devices. >:) Sounds like a fun weekend project...and half the fun will be trying to pull it off.


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