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 OK, so I was able to watch it with no problems in the ensuing months and first three years or so after Everything Went Down. 

Then around 2009-2010 when I started trying to actually deal with shit, it got harder.

My last real effort was in 2012, when my roommate Ghost got the Ultimate Box Set. 

Then this week.

And I want them to be different. Like, I want it to happen differently this time. 

In the fall of 2006, when the psycho circus had finally left town and things were starting to settle, I started a fanfic where things did happen differently Because Shenanigans, due to the fact that the entire timeline that The Matrix had occured in had become a Tangent Universe (ala Donnie Darko) that wouldn't resolve itself, so the League of Temporal Adventurers from Michael Moorcock's Multiverse ended up having to involve themselves. This ended up in a divergent timeline, which split off from the original where everything happened like the films, like in the Star Trek reboot movies. Jerry Cornelius is the Anomaly of his timeline in the Moorcock books (with his brother Frank being the Virus.) He and Smith ended up in a bromance for the ages. I never finished it, but it basically turned into a Buddy Cop Movie where Smith and The English Assassin teamed up to take on the System. Keanu could do it...except then it would just be John Wick, with an English accent.

I'm not sure that this is exactly what I want to happen either, now.

Ghost has told me that the sequels didn't even happen as the Wachowski Starship even originally planned them, and that a lot of the decisions which were made later, which the fans hated, happened due to executive meddling. I heard a rumor that the sequels were originally supposed to be one film that was split into two, and a lot of the pacing issues in Revolutions that people complained about came from padding it out into an entire third film. I'm not sure how much truth there is to this -  but I'm not sure what more could be done to Reloaded from a filmmaking standpoint. That's a whole movie with a beginning, a middle, and an end...just not The End. And for years I thought it was superior even to the original film, because we get to see intrigue. We get to see Machine Culture. The Matrix and the Machine world aren't just a giant monolithic organization. There are cracks in the facade of unity and Singularity. I wish I'd had a chance to play the MMO - but by the time I had a job that would let me pay for rent and highspeed internet at the same time, it had ended. 

But I'm trying to power through them, and I want the story to be different this time. Maybe it's to shed the association with something that literally consumed my life. Maybe because the stuff that seemed so deep doesn't hold the same meaning for me anymore. 

I'm not even sure if I can really explain how. Maybe it's a metaphor for me wishing that everything had happened differently through all of 2005 and most of 2006.

I really wish a lot of things had gone down differently.

Anyway, apropos of nothing: Wuthering Heights!

ETA: Well, there's this: a fanedit which combines the sequels and the video games into one movie.

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EXCELLENT! (And I totally agree about Merv and Persephone needing to have more onscreen character development. Though what they had was already great.)
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This post had its origins in yet another attempt of mine to explain the Matrix trilogy, specifically, the Oracle and the prophesy of "The One," to my Mom, who ocasionally asks me to clarify certain parts of the film trilogy that she did not understand upon her initial viewing of it.

Cut for lengthyness. )

EDIT: Ok, here is an almost exact quote from my Mom: "All I remember from the last two films was this huge party and people dancing in this cave, and everything else is just a blur."

DAMN YOU, ZION RAVE! I literally can't count all of the times people have told me that this one scene ruined the entire rest of the trilogy for them. >:( Even the Architect's explanation at the end of Reloaded pales in comparison to the Rave's ability to distance people from the other messages in the rest of the Trilogy.
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Ladies, Androgynes, and Gentlemen, NOW HE DEAD FROM FRIED COKE. Srsly.

Mom and I went to the State Fair of Texas today. We did NOT have the fried coke, (I almost typed "fried cock." We didn't have any of that either.)

It would be nice to hit the Texas Renaissance Festival, but it's too out of my way this year. I really wish Scarborough Faire ran this time of year - the weather's a lot more garb-friendly in the fall as opposed to the late spring/summer.

Cut for postmodernist philosophical blathering. )

Oh well. *Goes back to watching Zoolander.* (What? "Fashion" itself is merely another meme to be decoded...)
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I had an epiphany today. In the Matrix Trilogy, Neo was never trying to get rid of the System. He, and the other rebels, relied on the system to do all of their nifty Kung Fu and acrobatics. He was just trying to remind people that the system is an artificial construct.

The System's "Code" is nothing more than a set of rules, and the more one learns to work with the system, realizing fully that it is an artificial construct with rules and loopholes, the more power/control/influence one has over their environment and their destiny.

The system is only as corrupt as a few corrupt people within it who are using it to gain personal temporal power, hoping that the other people within the system forget that they also have power granted to them by the rules of the system.

Here are some examples: Bush might be president, but the people could choose to impeach or censure him and his administration at any time. Big corporations may have enough money and power to screw everyone else, but ordinary folks have the power to take them down via lawsuits, protests, strikes, boycotts, and through just plain getting the word out. We have the same power that they have. We just have to learn how to access it and use it.

EDIT: Here's a can theoretically do anything. But in order to do anything, one first must at least do something.


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