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I obtained the DVD film adaption of The Final Programme last night. Which means...PICSPAM.

Jerry Cornelius is badass enough to eat chocolate digestives and flip people off AT THE SAME TIME.


Jerry Cornelius and Miss Brunner Solemnly Swear That They Are Up To No Good. )
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I found this pic of Jon Finch as Jerry Cornelius, and Michael Moorcock as himself (if not Seaton Begg. HEY SEATON DO YOU KNOW MIKE RAIDED YOUR WARDROBE) from when they were shooting the film adaption of The Final Programme. This was presumably taken before Mike knew they'd changed/butchered the ending.


And wow, someone put a clip from it up on youtube! And it's subtitled (though I can't tell in what.)

cut for youtube embeds )

Incidentally, the reprint of The Cornelius Quartet claims that the JC stories "inspired Alan's Moore's Watchmen Graphic Novels." I am trying to find a specific article or quote from AMoore that confirms this, and thus far I've only gotten a few hits from Mike's forum, and this article, though it seems that Alan Moore did write an into to the JC story Firing the Cathedral. Not that I disbelieve it - I'd just love to find the actual quote, if there is one. Hurm. Must investigate further.

ETA: Also, Adrian Veidt teaming up with Miss Brunner is the SCARIEST THING I CAN THINK OF, except SHE MIGHT EAT HIM. D: In that case, I'd be rooting for Adrian.

ETA II: From Alan Moore's forward to Firing the Cathedral: "Love at first sight. Cornelius cultists from the very start, asking their mums to get them ‘car coats’ like their hero, ending up in something waist-length, brown and made of Rayon fabric with a furry road-kill collar."

If anyone can find a pic of young Alan Moore outfitted as such, I will owe you the internet.
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So, even though I'm supposed to be boycotting YTMND, I've been taking peeks back there from time to time. And today I saw THIS. And what caught my eye was not Master!Robbie, but STINGY AS THE PIERROT.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm raving about, author/rocker Michael Moorcock's character Jerry Cornelius frequently adopts the archetype of the Pierrot during various missions, situations, and performances (as in with his band) all throughout the Cornelius Chronicles and the Cornelius Quintet.

OK, I know that this is just a cooincidence. The figure of Pierrot, the traditional "sad clown," is common in Harlequinades, Circuses, and performances of Commedia dell'Arte all over the world. And YET....ROTFL!!!! It's just weird and random that this should pop up just as I'm attempting to write a fanfic incorporating LazyTown into Michael Moorcock's Multiverse.

STINGY CORNELIUS. *DIES* Hell, why not? I'm writing Stephanie as a von Bek. XD

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Well, after trying unsuccessfully to get Ubuntu to recognize various devices on both my laptop and desktop computers, I've actually decided to give up on it and just use Debian - and Windows, where applicable, but I'm actually trying to phase out any Microsoft usage. However, a windows installation will have to remain on my desktop if I expect to do any gaming with it, because there's a lot of stuff that just doesn't run on Linux.

[ profile] squeakymaus lent me his usb external drive with his entire MP3 library on it. Since it has a tendancy to overheat, getting it all onto my assorted machines has been something of an adventure.

I'm also reading The Time of the Hawklords, by Michael Moorcock and Michael Butterworth. Bascially, they've written themselves into a post-apocalyptic future where Hawkwind's music is literally the only thing holding what's left of society together. I'm at the part where Stacia and the Thunder Rider are visiting Moorcock to try and get him to awaken the semi-comatose Actonium Doug Smith. And from what I've already read of Hawkwind and Moorcock's history at the time, I began to wonder if the story was really just fiction - or if it was in part inspired by actual events and situations that were going on at the time, and if these events had simply been given a fantastical/allegorical "spin" and re-written into a sci-fi story in a post-apocalyptic timeline.

The Multiverse/LazyTown fanfic crossover is...coming. I have a very bad habit of getting bogged down by work and intimidated by the scope of the projects I take on, and procrastinating on them indefinitely. What I'm trying to do here is see if I can write a such a crossover story successfully while remaining absolutely faithful to the spirit of both genres. I guess we'll see what happens.

Which brings us to:

Observations on LazyTown: continued...

Well, I just saw the Swiped Sweets episode. (Bwazuh? The Cake Song's in this one, too!) And I've determined that LazyTown differs from South Park in one crucial way (aside from the lack of swearing.) And this is, the kids are basically fooled time and time again by Robbie Rotten because they trust adults to lead them in the right direction, whereas the kids from South Park seem to be painfully and utterly aware of the hyprocracy, dishonesty, and disfunctionality that the adults around them frequently display. In fact, it often seems to me that the entire South Park series is made up of the kids' responses and reactions to the throuroughly corrupted, messed-up adult world.

By contrast, LazyTown almost seems like a haven. But a closer look indicates that, aside from Sportacus, the adults there really don't have a handle on things any better than the ones in South Park do. And even Sportacus is often taken in by Robbie simply because of his tendancy to give people the benefit of the doubt and to believe in the innate goodness of human nature - though one gets the feeling from Swiped Sweets that he actually knew what was going on the entire time, and was simply going along with Robbie's attempts to incarcerate him because it amused him to do so. Besides, it appears he had some Yoga to catch up on, anyway. XD

And I recently read a negative review of LazyTown (by an Icelandic reviewer, no less) that complained that Ziggy is streotyped as "fat, and therefore stupid." WHAT?!?! Ziggy's usually the first person to figure out when things are "off." When Robbie has hatched a sinister scheme, it's usually Ziggy who actually sees through it first. The other kids aren't dull by any means, either, but Ziggy may very well be the sharpest tool in the shed. Fat? Perhaps. Stupid? Hell no.

However, one thing did bother me in Swiped Sweets - Robbie's, "LET'S FRAME THE DIABETIC FOR STEALIN TEH CAKE LOLOLOL!!!!1111" Again, their willingness to believe Robbie (until Ziggy figures it out and explains it to them) comes not from stupidity, but from the fact that these kids trust adults and authority figures to be credible, and not to lead them astray. It happens again in the Dr. Rottenstein and Miss Roberta episodes...when Stephanie protests that "Dr. Rottenstein's" (Robbie in disguise) pronouncements don't make any sense, and he asks her "Are you a doctor?" and she is defeated. The same when "Miss Roberta" (also Robbie in disgiuse) asks her if she is an established expert on manners who has written a book. Robbie has a habit of diguising himself as figures of authority, and then banking upon that authority to decieve or browbeat the citizens of LazyTown into doing what he wants - either banishing Sportacus (who is, after all, an outsider who is upsetting the status quo) or in getting them to return to their former state of complete intertia. He also seems to have the tendancy to go, "OMG! People are actually ENOYING THEMSELVES and HAVING FUN! MUST...STOP...THEM!" that is often expressed by over-oppresive authoritarian types.

This would be where Law and Chaos comes into it, I guess. >;)

Oh well. Thus ends my long-winded over-analysis for the day. XD
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Here are some scans I did from the Nomad of the Time Streams trilogy, which for some reason seems to be the only set of Moorcock's books that actually have art in them. One of these (the one of Una Persson) I've scanned before - but at very low, crappy resolution that made it look zipatoned. So I went back and re-did it.

However, these scans are not very dialup-friendly, and just uploading them to photobucket knocked me offline no less than three times. :( So instead of posting them here, I'm going to link to them on photobucket.

Oswald Bastable, as he was discovered and rescued by the Airship HMAS Pericles from the ruins of Teku Benga.

The New and Improved scan of Una Persson in China, circa 1910.

EPIC!level Airships vs. Planes, Battle of the Valley of the Dawn, circa 1973.

The Airpark at Calcutta, India, circa 1973.

And, EDIT: I guess a front cover scan would also be cool. :)
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...and not just YTMND craziness. But yes. And I'm going to see if anyone else wants to help me get together the YTMND LazyTown Army of the Glorious Peoples' Republic of Latibær. ^_^ Yes, I'm declaring a comical intarwebz fatwa against all of those infidels who keep making creepy YTMND sites that exist only for the purpose of making crass, pedophillic jokes about Stephanie. Yes, we will make the wrath of our goddess known. And when it is known, it will probably be a rather violent shade of bright, bubblegum-pink. With flowers. And cake. Yes, CAKE. We gotta get it made.

Really, so much potential is being wasted here. YTMNDers could be teaming Steph and Sportacus up with Time-Traveling Mulletman to save the Multiverse, or having them infiltrate the Death Star, or storming the Harkonnen outpost on Arrakis with the Fremen. Seriously, Sportacus could be taking on Feyd-Rautha. (The original STING Feyd-Rautha, not the lame Sci-Fi channel version of Feyd-Rautha.) I can't believe that no one has ever thought of this type of thing before.

Now all I need to do is learn how to use this goddamn gif animator, and I'm all set. Long live the fighters. God created LazyTown to train the faithful.

In other news...IT LIVES. That's right, I built my new computer! :D All of the sound and graphics are running off the motherboard for now, but that will change as I get the funds to remedy this. Thanks to all who offered your advice in this endeavor (especially [ profile] francopoli.)

...except that there's this smell of burning plastic every time I turn it on. I was afraid that maybe I used too much thermal paste, or that maybe there weren't enough fans. But it hasn't crashed yet, and the bios always says that the processor is running well within normal heat levels. Hrmmm. Maybe it's just the plastic of the new case or something.

ALSO: MY BROTHER ([ profile] jinsei) SENT ME A LAPTOP. 0.0 Over Christmas he said that he had an IBM ThinkPad he said he was thinking of sending me, and today it happened. Just...bingbang. A laptop. In the mail. With a wireless NIC. And Ubuntu. Sweet, sweet Ubuntu. And GIMP (which is like Photoshop for Linux, with most of the fuctionality and NONE of the price tag.)

THANK YOU [ profile] jinsei!!!!!

And in other coolness...MICHAEL MOORCOCK AND THE DEEP FIX. HAVE A CD. THAT'S RIGHT. AND I BOUGHT IT. MICHAEL MOORCOCK FOR YOUR CD PLAYER. HE ACTUALLY *SINGS.* And I think he sort of sounds like a cross between Bowie and Jagger. ROCK. ON. THANK YOU [ profile] jamesovei for bringing this to my attention. Once I get the album iPoded, it's headed your way.

The only Michael Moorcock YTMND site I've seen is an annoying one that makes fun of his last name. This will not do. Elric is not amused, and he will also make his presence known soon enough.

And I'm probably going clubbing Thursday night.

Work is killer. I love doing the actual work of building, maintaining, and (to a limited extent) administrating the servers. But dammit, we are spread so thinly. I'm doing the work of like, five people. My superiors know that I'm doing the work of five people, but because it costs less to pay one person, they're not hiring anyone else right now. :\ Oh well. After this, any other similar job will seem like a piece of cake. Cake. We gotta get it made. You know that I like cake...


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