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This is the first example I seen of real, specific info about what the server move to Russia really means to users from the USA and in other countries, in regards to Russian laws allowing them to monitor electronic communications. Linked post:

Relevant bits:

"The site has been owned by SUP media, a Russian company, since 2007. And in January 2009, the site moved some of its departments to Russia. So, some people would say, what difference does it make if the physical servers are in San Francisco or Russia? And why did they move there, anyway?

Because it's the law. 
Russian law requires that personal data of its citizens be processed by servers located within the territory of Russia. Which puts anyone not Russian in an ambiguous position at best, and in the same position as a Russian citizen at worst. 

Also, there's the issue of SORM. While the name sounds like it should be in a science fiction movie, SORM is, to quote the non-partisan think tank the World Policy Institute, "
Russia’s national system of lawful interception of all electronic utterances."

SORM-1 covers telephone communications.

SORM-2 allows for monitoring of the Internet. This extends to 
the monitoring of social media platforms, including social network websites and any other services that allows to establish a communication between two users (e.g. chat, forums). While this doesn't represent a problem for everyone, it is a threat to anyone who writes on sociopolitical issues and for those who actively promote discussion on such topics.

And SORM-3? A wiretapping system. One that doesn't require a warrant.

This is BAD. From a Russian user: "Since LiveJournal is now physically hosted on the territory of Russia, all the confidential information of service users is available for domestic security services in real time, in accordance with the requirements of SORM[,] SORM-2 and-3 to the Russian sites."

And, perhaps most disturbingly, there are recent rumors--unsubstantiated, but rumors nevertheless--of comms being deleted without warning. Pro-Ukrainian comms, from what I've heard...but that doesn't encourage me. It just says that LJ will shut down comms voicing what it considers to be contrary to 
Russian policy."

Yeah. I defy any right wing troll to come here again and tell me why those of us who are seriously having second thoughts about LJ now are just overreacting. This is some serious KGB shit, right here. I've had this on repeat since August:

Speaking of which: Narcissistic Personality Disorder, now with Trump visual aids. Cited!

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This just says it better than anything I could have come up with.

The Soviets win! Who knew that 18 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, they'd win anyway?
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I for one welcome our new Russian overlords.


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