Sep. 6th, 2009

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In the past, I've had a bad habit of getting involved with a new fandom, only to be derailed when something else grabs my attention. I've recently found myself in a situation where I am juggling three different fandoms (Watchmen, Hellraiser, and Moonwalker) and it's been kind of awkward. But that's not the reason that my enthusiasm kind of trailed off. The real reason is, I kind of got dogpiled in a couple of comms (LJ and elsewhere) with folks who seemed convinced that Alan Moore is misogynist, any depiction of Laurie is misogynist by default because she's a "caricature of womanhood as Alan Moore sees it that can never be redeemed" or some shit like that - and basically made me feel like misogynist for writing her.

Long Rant Is Long. )
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  • 15:17:03: My brain is not awake yet.
  • 15:17:30: This big bag of vegetables has exactly the same amount of calories as that tiny bag of chips. It's three times as big. Nom.
  • 15:19:28: Anyone see the New Rose Hotel adaption with Walken and Dafoe and Amano? I just ordered it sight unseen, wonder if that was a good idea.
  • 15:19:57: I mean, it's Walken and Dafoe and Amano. How can it go wrong?
  • 15:56:40: @hangingfire I was kind of afraid of that. Oh well. At least the DVD didn't cost very much, and we can MST it if it's truly that bad.
  • 18:52:10: Today's GIMP tutorial. Just have your antispyware software on, too. D:
  • 19:22:53: @joewalt did you ever get that book I sent? Also, check this out:
  • 19:31:51: Ladies, Gentlemen, and Airbenders, I give you Casper Hale as Sokka. Not sure if want. :\
  • 19:37:11: Live-action AANG: Not sure if want. Live-action KATARA: .... D:
  • 19:50:25: @SuperCricket WHY is M.Night doing this? WHY?
  • 19:50:51: I just...I'd love to see it in live action, just NOT LIKE THIS.

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