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First off...obscure villain is obscure. *points at icon.* And I think he rather likes it that way. contribution to the Vuvuzela fad on YTMND.

Second, Bennu is having a sungasm!

Things are moving forward in reverse. Sort of. But I'm in a better frame of mind about things.

Ordered Michael Moorcock's The Chinese Agent, and replaced my copy of Pure Moods Volume 1. Because dammit, I just can't function without the X Files Dance Remix.

Seriously, it's sort of become my sanity album. It's also the one I've replaced more than any other CD I've ever owned.

It's still difficult not being a nite owl. But I've realized how depressed getting home at 3AM and having my body clock on a schedule so wildly different than anyone else's was making me.

The heat is making me feel very fried, however. HEY TEXAS YOU CAN STOP BEING IN THE TRIPLE DIGITS IN JUNE ANY TIME NOW GEEZ. :( I know, good luck with that.
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OK, once agin...I'm supposed to be avoiding/boycotting YTMND. But this has to be one of the best remixes I've EVER heard, courtesy of user Lazytown4. Who is one of the users that I am supposed to be avoiding in particular. Oh well.

George W. Bush should have been a standup comedian. Like Ronald Reagan, he had no place running anything important...not a baseball team, not a business, and definitely not a nation. But the guy does have a gift for saying absolutely hilarious, absurd things. If his administration were not marked by such tragedy and death, that is probably all he would be remembered for, too. And part of the tragedy is the realization that he probably is aware of this. His "Bushisms" are yet another reminder that no matter how awful he is as a President, he can mess up all he wants and nothing will happen to him. It doesn't matter. He's still the most powerful man in America. And the truly terrible thing is, he knows this. He takes advantage of it at every opportunity. He seems to take perverse pleasure in the fact that he can make such a royal fool of himself. He's an ass, and he knows it, so he's going to be as big of an ass as possible while he's in power.

Maybe it's his way of getting back at his dad.

I remember watching an episode of Laugh-In back in 1988 or 1989 when I was 11 or 12 and deep in the throes of my Nick At Nite addiction (it got me through my "tween" years.) The episode (which I taped) was filmed in 1968 or '69. Anyway, during the News of the Future segment in this episode, Dan Rowan says, "NEWS OF THE FUTURE! 20 years from now, President Reagan..." And he can't even finish, because the audience is in hysterics at the idea of Reagan ever being President.

Damn. Did we branch off into some weird alternate universe or something?
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First off...Monday would have been Falco's 50th birthday. Happy birthday, Hans.

Falco lives.

Second, it's official...I'm boycotting For the reason I stated last week. Just....GAAAAAACK! D: NEI. It's not worth trying to take it back from the folks who just want to make sick sites that sexualize Stephanie. I've still got ideas regarding LazyTown-themed "Short films" I.E. LazyDune, LazySahara, LazyWars Episode 4 - There's Always A Way (as opposed to "A New Hope" XD) but they're gonna have to go elsewhere. And I don't know what started this, but ever since I first saw it, I've been wanting to write Seph and Sportacus into adventure roles ala Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino novels. >:) The landsail in Sahara? Sportacus and Steph so would have done that if they'd been stranded in the desert. I'm just sayin.


Ahem. Aaanyway - No school Thursday. I'm going clubbing again. I really miss dancing, and I had a blast when I went last Thursday. That, and DJ Virus is apparently a converted Mooninite. XD
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Well, I feel like a terrible hypocrite. I not only went back to YTMND today, I commented on a Lazytown-themed site. But really, Keyboardcat isn't our enemy. Seriously! He's just in Lazytown to give Stephanie Valkyrie lessons. That's the ticket. I mean, who better than to teach her to be a Valkyrie than Earth's resident Psychopomp? Yeah, that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it. She's in training to become one of the glorious shieldmaidens of the Allfather. That, and MulletMan needed rescuing from V'GER again, goddammit. I mean, look at Stephanie roll her eyes. She's obviously expressing her exasperation at the situation. "That silly MulletMan. I swear, that guy gets himself into the worst scrapes..."

And they took The Lazymobile. Well, sort of. Steph drove. Keyboardcat followed on the flying keyboard. They got further air support from Sportacus in the Airship. Oh, and those stories Robbie Rotten tells about being a door-gunner on an Apache Helicopter? NOT TRUE! :O

I will report on MulletMan's status as soon as it is made available to me. ^_^

(In other words, I'm still kicking around the idea of forming a LazyTown YTMND Army that will hopefully feature "friendly" and non-offensive sites, rather than just leaving YTMND forever. I just don't want to be a part of the contingent of YTMNDers who are upsetting the very folks who have worked so hard to bring us this show.)

Also from the field...this footage of Goggi Mega, the original Icelandic incarnation of Pixel, singin' his song. (Wow. The actor's got a NICE VOICE. He's also cute.)
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LOL, Cody was workin' holidayz!

The gentleman who is the focus of this site would be Cody, my co-worker, who was upset about having to work on Christmas Eve. So we YTMNDed him. I apparently got stealth YTMNDed...that's me in the back with the tan hat on, being mesmerized by the internets.

As I recall, that was also barbecue night.

anyway, here are some of the YTMNDs I'd like to make, except that my YTMND Kung Fu is weak...


Stephanie is...A VIKING!!!

"Pixel sees what you did there." (Actually, I probably can do this one, at least.)

"Sportacus and Supercat RACE!!! NOW IN ICELANDIC!!!! (A spin on Conancopter & The Hoff Skyrace.)

"Sportacus Saves A Kitten!" Only it's an NEDM, because it's really Happycat up in the tree.

"Someone Stole Stingy's Cloudsong," AKA "Lazytown Is Serious Business."

"LazySahara" While tracking the whereabouts of a lost Civil War-era ironclad Airship, Sportacus and Stephanie become embroiled in Robbie Rotten's plot to cover up his illegal waste-dumping operation.


Bwah, I really need to stop now. ;P I need to throw myself in a well or something.
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It's been awhile since I did any gratuitous YTMND postings. So Here we go...

EDIT: Something has apparently happened to BingBang's sites...either he got tired of being sniped at by Bush supporters for his latest YTMND (which slammed Bush for theoretically invading Lazytown...I guess he thought they were cooking Nigerian yellowcake by the book) or something. :( Hopefully this is just temporary, and he'll be back. Anyhoo, here are some others:

SPORTACUS IS METAL!! *throws up horns*

YOU ARE A PIRATE!! Why yes. Thank you for noticing.

Ziggy rocks out. (Ziggy also being METAL!!)

This is worth it for the music alone. XD

Stephanie RAVES.

Lazytown Glowstick Rave!

Sportacus and Stephanie = Glowstick Ninjas.

In my opinion, the Rave Fad isn't abused nearly enough on YTMND. Here are some more...

Set phasers to RAVE!!!

Kids Rave With Smoochy

Anakin and Obi Wan RAVE!!


LOL. I guess you guys can probably figure out what I'M doing tomorrow night...
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On youtube and YTMND lately...

Falco, "Push, Push."


Billy Squier, "Rock Me Tonite." (Watch the whole thing.)


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This is possibly the best mashup that I've ever heard. This YTMND Wiki Article explains the "NEDM" bit at the end.
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LOL, this guy is too l337 for SASSer. XD

EDIT: Scientology in the Middle Ages XD Now I'm tempted to write a fanfic wherein Tom Cruise steals a time machine to go back in time and establish Scientology in the Middle Ages, but is stopped by a team consisting of Samuel L. Jackson, Ellen DeGeneres, The Rock, and Huey Long.

EDIT II: YES more fucking ABBA! I want to see this while it's playing in town.
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Ok, here are the YTMNDs that have recently caught my attention.. Dr. Crane being posessed?

WTF is supposed to be going on here? *exorcizes.*

And a Cowboy Bebop-infused take on the apparently deathless "Batman Ualeuleuleule" fad.

I'd post more, but my Mom wants the computer back. ^_^

Blade Envy

Mar. 25th, 2006 01:24 am
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Ok, ok. I typically try to patronize local vendors that I know personally when it comes to swords and knives. But occasionally BudK will come out with something that I like.

Guess I know what to ask for on my birthday, at least. ;)

And hey, who knows? I might need them someday. *DIES*

EDIT: But seriously - because of my job, my days and nights are now completely turned around. I went to bed at 3PM, and woke up shortly after midnight. >_>

Cessna (my sugar glider) is doing better. The wound left from the spider bite is healing up just fine, thank God.
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This is REAL, folks! This was an actual question asked on Jeopardy this week.


The answer of course being World of Warcraft. (Which none of the contestants answered correctly.) For those of you who are unfamiliar with the exploits of Mr. Leeroy Jenkins, (aka LEEEEEERROOOOOOOOOOOY MMMMMJENKINS!) here is a little visual aid to get you started. Basically, Leeroy jumped the gun, stormed a hive of monsters before the rest of his party was prepared, and ended up getting his comrades killed. (Hey, as he says at the least no one can accuse him of being chicken!)

This cautionary tale about the dangers of foolhardiness (and being AFK while the rest of the party is discussing strategy) has been posted and reposted all over World of Warcraft forums, and has spawned many YTMND memes as well.

Nor is Leeroy Jenkins the only MMORPG player to be immortalized on YTMND. Though graphics from World of Warcraft were used, this is a real record of a voicechat that occured when one player got, shall we say, irate when another character made off with his artifact-level item, a type of magic cloak called a Cloudsong, during a session of Dark Age of Camelot.

EDIT: And here's a WoW gamer's spoof of the now-infamous Cloudsong tirade.
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So I'm just sitting here eating a leisurely breakfast of chicken, rice, and vegetables (I eat wierd things for breakfast) and watching my Glider roll around in her hamster ball.

The new icon is a twist on the "O RLY?" Owl. I realize that I could have made the text look more like it, but oh well.

I'm debating running around a little bit before work.

That is all (for now.)
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I just finished these...

"Either None Spake Unto Me, Or None Knoweth."

"Forsooth, We Are Growing Aggravated."

Ok, I really need to do my homework now!

BTW, the program I use for the pics can be found here.
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More on symbols and memetics...

Whether we know it or not, everything we behold in our own personal perceptions of reality has a certain amount of symbolism attached to it. Everything. These symbols compose a type of memetic "code." We are each a potential "Anomaly," with the ability to "see the code" for what it is, and to work with it. Deep down, our subconscious minds are able to percieve, analyze, and interpret these symbols. The thing is, our subconscious does not percieve a difference between the symbolic and the "real." To our subconscious minds, everything is symbolic and everything is real at the same time. How much we are aware of this depends on our ability to discern exactly what is going on in our subconscious minds, and how these symbols affect us. H.P. Lovecraft once said that the greatest thing about the human mind was its inability to co-relate its contents, but I'm not so sure that's such a good thing. Some symbols have the same effect on a large group of people because of our connection through the collective subconscious. Part of "unplugging" ourselves from this "collective reality" is the discovery of how we respond to symbols as an individual within our own subjective perceptions of reality. Once we become aware of how these symbols effect us, the moment that we learn that we can choose how we interpret and respond to these symbols instead of just letting ourselves be manipulated, and we discover that these symbols do not necesarily display the truth of the situation, we have "unplugged" ourselves.

Conscious manipulation, subversion and "hacking" of symbols and memes (not internet quizzes, but the word "meme" the way it was originally meant: "a unit of cultural transmission") is one of the most effective and potentially insidious ways of manipulation within the social construct. If you learn how people subconsciously respond to symbols, whether those symbols are contained within certain sounds, modes of speech, jingoistic slogans, modes of dress, corporate logos, etc, it follows that you can influence that person's thoughts and behavior, or even change how they think and what they believe about a certain subject. Here's a less sinister example - I have a friend on my f-list who uses only icons that contain images of a certain actress. When another person on my f-list adopted a similar icon with an image of the same actress, I started reacting to this second person as though she were the first person. I found myself having to continually remind myself during my replies to her posts that it was the second person that I was responding to, and not the first person.

I've been reading a lot of Jean Baudrillard lately, among other things (mostly his other stuff besides Simulacra and Simulation, like Symbolic Exchange and Death and The Perfect Crime.) But seriously, how could I have forgotten what I learned from Mitch Kenard when he started teaching me Chaos Magick back in 1993? Or what I remembered when I first saw The Matrix in the spring of 1999, for that matter?

The reason I've spent so much time on YTMND so much lately is because it's like a perfect microcosm of the things I've been reading about and thinking about lately. It's a social construct in which pop culture symbols are subverted and manipulated in order to produce a humorous effect, with certain unwritten "rules" that are subconsciously agreed upon and adhered to by the users of the site (i.e. certain songs being associated with certain subjects, like Baltimora's "Tarzan Boy" being associated with the Gay Fuel beverage and homosexuality in general, the remix of Eric Prydz "Call on Me" being associated with the various flashing "_____ Doesn't Have Facial Expressions" memes, or the song "Spanish Flea" from the current Six Flags ads being associated with racism because the old guy in the Six Flags ads used to be in the KKK.) The fads that pop up on YTMND often seem viral in nature, exploding over the course of several days or even weeks as new variations on the original YTMND page that sparked it pop up. Users of the site get props for clever or inventive new twists on these these symbols, while remaining true to the spirit of the fad itself. And what is a fad anyway, but a particular social group's tendancy to adopt symbols based on recongition of and their associations with those symbols? Symbols have power. Any symbol has power, depending on its conscious and subconscious meanings within the human psyche. The more known and recongized that symbol is, the more influence it has, though "inside" symbols (inside jokes, obscure icons that are only known within a certain group) can also have even greater influence within smaller social constructs.

Godz, does any of this make sense? >_>

Anyway, included here as a visual aid is a list of YTMND fads. As this page shows, even within this relatively small social construct, there are competitions between fads, and attempts to "hack," subvert, and "push" the different fads as they evolve.
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Thanks to [ profile] blx_wydo for the pics!

First, me as Random Hufflepuff House Team Player #37. )

Next, my neighbor Tim, as The Crow. )

And because I am still stuck on the subject of

Neo doesn't change facial expressions!

Wow. 0.0 *HYPNOTISED* Takes out glowsticks and RAVES to teh song. >_>

And, a PSA from CATS.

....The more you know!

Live Action Katamari Damacy, WTF?!

EDIT: Another one:
Smith plans to get medieval on Neo's @$$!

Yay! You know what? I think more fun needs to be had with the Bayeux Tapestry. XD

EDIT II: The SECOND Renassiance?



All Your Bayeux Tapestry Are Belong To Us!
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I apologize if this has already been making its rounds around LJ, but I couldn't resist!


And as for the new far, it ROCKS! :D

I'll give you all a more detailed report soon. But the above link couldn't wait. XD


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