Yay coffee!

Apr. 1st, 2007 02:03 pm
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Well, now that I've officially had enough coffee to kickstart my brain for today...

THE PASSENGER. Iggy Pop first did it. Siouxsie and the Banshees covered it, the late Michael Hutchence of INXS covered it (no video for this one, sorry) and I believe many others have covered it. I think at this point it could qualify as the Gothic/Punk Stairway to Heaven.

SECOND: THE FINAL PROGRAMME. The film version, anyway. Or as the American version was called, "The Last Days of Man on Earth." I finally saw it last night.

cut for spoilerage, though I doubt anyone cares. )
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Well, it wouldn't Spring if I didn't get my annual sinus infection, now would it? :(

You know what else sucks? Being told by an instructor that a presentation is due, working until 4:00 in the AM on it, then having said Instructor not show up to class the next day. Oh yeah. This would be the Speech Professor. We as a class were highly disgruntled.

No word yet on the transfer/promotion at work.
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OK, things are kind of nuts with my job right now. The webhosting company/data center I work for had a very much-needed shakeup within upper and middle management. Things may or may not change for the better. I may or may not be getting a sideways promotion (i.e. a promotion with the same pay) to another department (which I am starting to hope goes through more and more every day.)

School is hard to balance with work. I guess it all depends on the classes...when I was doing twelve credit hours of History and Government (four classes) at once, it was easy. But six hours (two classes) of Math and Speech are considerably harder. Yes, SPEECH. The Speech professor is well aware that a lot of folks try to take Speech as an easy credit/blowoff class, and is quite deliberately vindictive about that fact. She's also the Dean of Communications at my school, and has dropped several hints that we all ought to change our majors to Communications. Needless to say, I have more homework in this class than almost any other class I've ever taken. (Hey [livejournal.com profile] rishgrrl, remember Professor Will? This lady's almost as bad.) THE MATH CLASS IS EASIER. OMFG.

I have no social life. All of my friends have different schedules than I do. When I started working weekends back in November, it completely ruined what little offline social life I had left. I don't do anything except go to school and go to work. When I was going to TWU, it was different...yeah I was swamped, but I had time for other things. Not anymore. Or maybe I just had more "other things" to have time for.

I'm starting to go crazy. ("STARTING?!" LOL....)

I am currently writing a fanfiction saga (the LazyTown/Multiverse crossover) that probably no one will read. I'm still writing it, though. I'm going to finish this, dammit.

On the bright side, I've lost two more pounds. I guess LazyTown fandom is good for something. XD
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Um...it's "about that time" again this month.

WTF? My feet have never SWOLLEN before. I CAN'T WEAR MY ATHLETIC SHOES!! D: I'm basically down to my dress shoes, and my crocs at this point. I don't want to have to wear crocs to work, either. Crocks may be comfy, but they wouldn't last a single day where I work. Athletic shoes are really the best for running around and fixing servers, but mine were literally cutting off the circulation in my feet Friday.

Damn. >:{

I also couldn't really get to sleep and stay asleep last night. Which is really bad after the kind of week I've had.

On another note, all of this crap about the stock market is sort of amusing and perplexing at the same time. It stops being amusing once I realize that people have thrown themselves out of windows over things like this.

The shit going on with Iran right now? Scares me. Seriously, we here in the USA have no right to tell other nations that they can't use nuclear energy or have nuclear weapons. We already look like the worst hypocrites on Earth as it is. But at the same time, I personally believe that NOBODY should have nukes. Period. Not us, not Russia, not Iran, not Israel, not North Korea, NOBODY. In my opinion, we weren't ready for the responsibility back in 1945, and we're not ready for it now.

Yeah, I know, I'm a hippie. But still. I also think it's another symptom of having been a child of the 1980s-era Cold War, and being told all throughout my childhood "The Russians hate us. They could drop the bomb on us at any moment. SLEEP TIGHT! And remember, DUCK AND COVER!" And meanwhile, Russian kids were probably being told the same thing about us. I think this is why I hate this kind of fearmongering propaganda so much now as an adult. Fuck the Reagan era.

I think I'm going to make some tea now, finish my homework, finish re-reading Moorcock's Fortress of the Pearl, and maybe watch some more LazyTown.

Maybe not in that particular order.
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Find your Celestial Choir


...Hey, the userpic selection thing is up at the top now! 0.o

I wish I could see Eragon today. Alas, I have to go into work an hour early, even if they told me this means I can leave an hour early, too. I have to cover for one of my co-workers who is going to be using the hour difference for mandatory training today.


I don't want to jinx things...but if it's slow today, expect fic.

Also, Chage and Aska rock. I can't believe that, with all of the people I know who are in to J-pop/J-rock, I haven't heard more of these guys yet.

Got to see Police Squad! with some friends yesterday. Yup, Zucker/Abrahams (the creator/writers, also of Airplane! fame) FTW. I'm convinced that Johnny the Shoeshine Guy is actually where House M.D. actually gets all of his "epiphanies" from. XD

SCENE: *House limps up to Johnny, gets in the chair.*

HOUSE: "What do you know about this latest patient?"
JOHNNY: "I dunno. This is a big town."
HOUSE: *hands him money*
JOHNNY: *leans closer, whispers conspiratorially* "It's definitely not Lupus."
HOUSE: *disappointed* "Again?"
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The new job ROCKS. It even kicks the ass of the job I had at the airport, because I'm actually learning stuff now.

My most strenuous case so far is a guy whose server has been experiencing DDoS attacks, always at the same time every night. Turns out there isn't a lot we can do for those. :( If I could just track the bastard that's doing it, I could maybe report them to their ISP. But according to our "support boundies," that's actually considered to be the responsibility of the customer.

Oh well, it's only my fourth day on the job I'll probably figure something out.
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Hey guys,

Now that his popularity score is at an all-time low, and there's this buzz about the fake report of WMDs, how likely do you think it is that Bush might suddenly "catch" Osama Bin Laden and parade him around with bells on? "Look! I caught him! PLEEEEEEESE LOVE MEEEEEEEE! Be-cause the greatest love of all is happen-ing to meeeee....I found the greatest love inside of meeeee..."

Just a thought.

In other news, I have the cramps from hell. Also, one of my co-workers apparently has something of a cuckoo complex, and is trying to get several of us who work on the night shift fired...I guess so she can have that position all to herself. Whatever. I am mostly second-shift now, but as I still work a few night-shift days every pay period, this does affect me. She's not accomplishing anything but pissing off the project manager, and if anyone's getting fired, it's gonna be her. I'm serious, this woman combines all of the worst aspects of Arnold Rimmer (sorry, Rimmer fans on my f-list) and Delores Umbridge.

Well, yet another birthday is on it's way. All I asked for from my mom was a ticket to Scarborough Faire. What I would also *like* are:

* The two Gorillaz CDs that I don't have (The first one and Demon Days)

* The Massive Attack albums I don't have (Blue Lines and 100th Window)

...and maybe Watership Down and Aeon Flux on DVD. And to see V For Vendetta again.

No, this is not a request to anyone on my f-list, just me airing my thoughts.

BTW....BAUHAUS and NIN are coming to Dallas! And I probably won't get to see them. :( Oh well...I saw NIN in 1994, and I've seen the members of Bauhaus in their seperate component-incarnations (Peter Murphy solo and Danny Ash, David J, and Kevin in their band, Love and Rockets) but never together. But I just *know* that the tickets are going to be too expensive, because they're touring with Trent. I think the only reason I was able to see Siouxsie and the Banshees was because she doesn't have quite as much name-recognition here in the states as NIN, and therefore the ticket price wasn't astronomical. I know that a lot of the latest crop of Gothlings will be at this latest concert for NIN, but when asked about Bauhaus, will ask, "Who?" >:P

Oh well, back to the grind.

EDIT: Peter Murphy, Danny Ash, David J, Kevin, and Trent Reznor apparently also combine to form Gothic Voltron. That is all.


"Good morning, Dr. Falken. How about a nice game of chess?"
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First caffine buzz of the morning...and I haven't even been to bed yet! It's official...those bastards where I work are feeding us decaf. (Charlton Heston voice..."THEY'RE FEEDING US DECAF! SOYLENT GREEN IS DECAF!")

There's nothing else for it...I'm going to have to bring my own coffee to work. What else to they expect the graveyard shift to do?

In other news, it was slow enough tonight for me to mentally cast actors in the roles of characters from David Edding's Belgariad series:



(BEL)GARION: Hayden Christensen

DURNIK THE SMITH: Nathan Fillion

PRINCE KHELDAR OF DRASNIA, AKA SILK (my favorite character in the whole series): Rowan Atkinson



POLEDRA, DISCIPLE OF ALDUR: Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. Hell yes.

...and more to come! FILM @ 11!!!1
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I'm gonna have to write that whole paper for the History of Race and Ethnicity all over AGAIN, but at least I know what to do this time. The lab aide was a former student of the Professor who knew exactly what to tell me to expect, and she went over my essay with me. HUZZAH! I'll re-write the whole damn thing from scratch if it's guaranteed I'll make a good grade.

But I still have the other essay, due next week...but it's going to be simple compared with this one. My Texas History Professor isn't nearly as exacting as my History of Race and Ethnicity Professor is.

I wound up having to go straight to work after that, though. One of my co-workers is out with a dental complaint (tooth broke, had to be pulled) and I have to cover for him. But hey, this means that my next paycheck will be over a thousand dollars. And I certainly have no problem with that. ;)


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