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- The house search proceeds apace. More on that as it develops. It looks like we are going to end up somewhere back in the North Dallas/Addison area.

- Work is work.

- The small animal rescue now has a Hedgehog. He is adorable. Also, we were finally able to find a forever home for the Chinchillas.

- Oh Blake's 7, why aren't you on Netflix or Region 1 DVD? I'd like to give this franchise money now that I am actually watching it. There are apparently books for it on Kindle, but that is not the same.

- I have downloaded the most recent update for Ubuntu (12.10) and it now syncs with all my social networking/amazon accounts. Here is the lowdown on that if you are interested. It now also recognizes that my multifunction device has a scanner. Yay for not having to boot into the Windows partition to scan things. I still need to do that for a lot of games, though. Not for anything that requires DOSbox, however, which is the majority of the games I play now.

- I have not checked out the revamp of Baldur's Gate yet. Too much on my plate right now.

- Homestuck's Kickstarter cleaned up at more than 2 million. So Andrew Hussie is probably going to be able to not only create an awesome kickass game, but port it to nearly every format imaginable. I can hardly wait.

So how is everyone?
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- So, we are moving to an actual house later this fall. More info on this as it develops.

- I don't know if the Miami Vice reboot from 2006 has a fandom, but I am apparently now in it. Maybe it is just a fandom of me. I'm actually afraid to look, honestly.

- Update on health issues: I am on antibiotics and they are kicking my ass. :(

- Homestuck has eaten my life.

- The small animal rescue where I volunteer has some adorable ratties. We're already going to be dealing with gliders and cats, however, so adopting them is Right Out.

- Work is work.

- Has this been the best year for movies since 2003, or what?

- For those of you wanting to engage in some activism and do some good: Pe'Sla is not out of the woods yet. The donation site.

- Happy 1 year anniversary, #Occupy.

- I'm certainly enjoying the Neoconservative Far Right's self-immolation. How 'bout ya'll?
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Posted from the decent budget gaming system I just built. Yay tax return. Yay having an actual computer again since the motherboard in the computer I built in 2007 died back at the beginning of February. It had a good long run.

My brother is in town and we hung out earlier. Thank Spammer Gain that there are way more vegan/vegetarian restaurants/food choices than there used to be in Dallas. Or at least, ones where we can all eat without it being a big deal. I've cut a lot of meat and most of the dairy out of my diet, and am actually feeling a lot better for it. I was vegetarian from 1996-2002, and it wouldn't be that hard to get back on the wagon again.

There are plenty of other developments, but this is the most significant at the moment. Roommates and I are doing well.

More later.


Oct. 3rd, 2010 01:58 pm
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So, the new apartment is coming along nicely. We are still in Unpack Mode.

I am so ecstatic to be out of the old place that I can't even express it in words.

The trees outside are beginning to turn colors. We may actually get a real autumn this year.

The Vampire ST for the game I was going to is moving out of state, but I may very well be playing D&D again soon. Things are looking up.

More to come.


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