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I bit the bullet and signed up for a CCNA certification class this fall, and if I can slide it in I'm also going to be taking web development classes during the winter mini-term. Hooray!

Also, I've seen the story below re-emerge from time to time...just more proof that the modern fundies have no ground to stand on when they claim Gay Marriage/Civil Unions will not be/have never been sanctioned:

Gay Unions Sanctioned in Medieval Europe. )
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The Basics: How to blitz your college debts. )
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Here is what I have to take to finish my AA:

Math, 3 credit hours
Sciences, 8 credit hours
Computer Science, 3 credit hours. (ROTFL. In the bag.)
Phys Ed, 1 credit hour (apparently that Jujitsu course that I took through the community college eight years ago doesn't count.)
Speech, 3 credit hours

Here is what I have left on my Bachelor of Sciences in History:

Senior-level History, 21 hours, of which 6 credits must be non-US history.

Women's Studies, 3 credit hours (Can't get out of Texas Woman's University without taking at least one class in Women's Studies, it seems.)

Foreign Language, 6 credit hours

Electives, 16 Credit Hours (maybe I should Minor in something? If so, it will probably be Computer Science.)

And then, the 36 credit hours of Library Sciences, which will get me my Masters' in Library Sciences.

I can do this. I can probably finish this in the next two years, in fact. THIS is why I'm killing myself at work. Not to "go to movies and buy comic books," as some have insinuated. I have to pay off what I owe the University so I can go back, because this is my FUTURE. Because, contrary to popular belief, I am NOT content to slave away at a dead-end job forever.


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