May. 11th, 2007 09:19 pm
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In other news, school is officially over for the semester. I took my last final exam yesterday.

I checked with my advisor regarding my plans to get my certs, and they think it's a good idea. It'll mean transferring to another satellite of the main community college system in Dallas (the one that specializes in tech) but it'll be worth it.

I picked up Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn about five years too late yesterday. I've read that it's said to be the best Dungeons&Dragons-themed video game out there. And after having played it some last night, I can certainly see why it's so popular.

The character that I created for this game is a female Elven Ranger, species enemy - Vampires. (I already know enough about the plot to know that will come in handy, LOL.)


May. 5th, 2007 12:53 am
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Well, Speech Class is OVER. I took the final yesterday. And was told by the instructor that I'm confirmed for an A in the class.

0.0 This was from the teacher who assigned us seemingly impossible loads of homework, which we had suspected was in retaliation for the fact that everyone who takes speech:

A. Does so because they have to, it's a "core" class needed on one's transcript,

2. Generally thinks of Speech as an easy "blowoff" class before signing up for this particular instructor's class.

I must have made a good impression somewhere, because not even the Senior/Graduate-level History class I took back in the fall of 2005 (as a Junior) was as strenuous or as demanding. I'm grateful for the A, and a bit more sympathetic towards the instructor now - but I'm also very glad that it's over.

I just think it's kind of ironic that the bar is set higher at a community college than at the University I was attending. And it really is...the stuff I was doing at the University was child's play compared with the work I did this semester.

I just have the final exam in Math to go now...and I'm making a B in it so far for the semester. A good grade on the exam could possibly make it an A...I'm going to shoot for it.

After that, I may actually take a break for the first summer semester. Yes, I busted my ass to get back into school...but what with my 50-hour work weeks, even six credit hours (two classes) is a bit much to have to deal with. I might take a certification class or two instead. Or I might just wait until I can get back into a University - which I should be able to do easily if I make straight As.

In other news, I apparently have gum disease, like about 90% of the rest of my family. So this past week, my teeth got sandblastedscaled and root-planed. Then I got an injection of antibiotics at the gumline. This was after having six fillings replaced.

As one friend of mine who is into kink exclaimed, "You could have just had one of us beat you for a lot less!" :P

So that was my week.

EDIT: More in the way of Matrix-DUNE similarities - The Butlerian Jihad.
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I lost another pound. And chopped my hair off again, LOL.

LOL, MySpace Pics. )

Those bags under my eyes? Are due to sleep and caffine deprivation. ;) Speaking of which, I am going to go remedy the latter.

Also: I AM PASSING MATH. :O No, I am not questioning this odd twist of fate.

I have come to the conclusion that math isn't really being taught at the grammar-school level anymore, not has it been for a long time. School systems here in the USA are just having teachers are just teach kids the "short-cuts," and they are putting the emphasis on whether or not the kids can satisfactorily regurgitate answers on standardize tests enough so that the district gets funding. That's it. Kids aren't really learning anything here. And we wonder why the rest of the world thinks that we Americans are so ignorant?

Oh. Well, I guess this did turn into a rant. XD
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Well, it wouldn't Spring if I didn't get my annual sinus infection, now would it? :(

You know what else sucks? Being told by an instructor that a presentation is due, working until 4:00 in the AM on it, then having said Instructor not show up to class the next day. Oh yeah. This would be the Speech Professor. We as a class were highly disgruntled.

No word yet on the transfer/promotion at work.
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OK, things are kind of nuts with my job right now. The webhosting company/data center I work for had a very much-needed shakeup within upper and middle management. Things may or may not change for the better. I may or may not be getting a sideways promotion (i.e. a promotion with the same pay) to another department (which I am starting to hope goes through more and more every day.)

School is hard to balance with work. I guess it all depends on the classes...when I was doing twelve credit hours of History and Government (four classes) at once, it was easy. But six hours (two classes) of Math and Speech are considerably harder. Yes, SPEECH. The Speech professor is well aware that a lot of folks try to take Speech as an easy credit/blowoff class, and is quite deliberately vindictive about that fact. She's also the Dean of Communications at my school, and has dropped several hints that we all ought to change our majors to Communications. Needless to say, I have more homework in this class than almost any other class I've ever taken. (Hey [ profile] rishgrrl, remember Professor Will? This lady's almost as bad.) THE MATH CLASS IS EASIER. OMFG.

I have no social life. All of my friends have different schedules than I do. When I started working weekends back in November, it completely ruined what little offline social life I had left. I don't do anything except go to school and go to work. When I was going to TWU, it was different...yeah I was swamped, but I had time for other things. Not anymore. Or maybe I just had more "other things" to have time for.

I'm starting to go crazy. ("STARTING?!" LOL....)

I am currently writing a fanfiction saga (the LazyTown/Multiverse crossover) that probably no one will read. I'm still writing it, though. I'm going to finish this, dammit.

On the bright side, I've lost two more pounds. I guess LazyTown fandom is good for something. XD
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I'm gonna have to write that whole paper for the History of Race and Ethnicity all over AGAIN, but at least I know what to do this time. The lab aide was a former student of the Professor who knew exactly what to tell me to expect, and she went over my essay with me. HUZZAH! I'll re-write the whole damn thing from scratch if it's guaranteed I'll make a good grade.

But I still have the other essay, due next week...but it's going to be simple compared with this one. My Texas History Professor isn't nearly as exacting as my History of Race and Ethnicity Professor is.

I wound up having to go straight to work after that, though. One of my co-workers is out with a dental complaint (tooth broke, had to be pulled) and I have to cover for him. But hey, this means that my next paycheck will be over a thousand dollars. And I certainly have no problem with that. ;)


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