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I obtained the DVD film adaption of The Final Programme last night. Which means...PICSPAM.

Jerry Cornelius is badass enough to eat chocolate digestives and flip people off AT THE SAME TIME.


Jerry Cornelius and Miss Brunner Solemnly Swear That They Are Up To No Good. )


Dec. 14th, 2008 07:25 pm
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Have a Jon-style Comedian flashback sequence, LOL.

The Comedian is floating in the K-Hole, surrounded by images of his past. )
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I found this pic of Jon Finch as Jerry Cornelius, and Michael Moorcock as himself (if not Seaton Begg. HEY SEATON DO YOU KNOW MIKE RAIDED YOUR WARDROBE) from when they were shooting the film adaption of The Final Programme. This was presumably taken before Mike knew they'd changed/butchered the ending.


And wow, someone put a clip from it up on youtube! And it's subtitled (though I can't tell in what.)

cut for youtube embeds )

Incidentally, the reprint of The Cornelius Quartet claims that the JC stories "inspired Alan's Moore's Watchmen Graphic Novels." I am trying to find a specific article or quote from AMoore that confirms this, and thus far I've only gotten a few hits from Mike's forum, and this article, though it seems that Alan Moore did write an into to the JC story Firing the Cathedral. Not that I disbelieve it - I'd just love to find the actual quote, if there is one. Hurm. Must investigate further.

ETA: Also, Adrian Veidt teaming up with Miss Brunner is the SCARIEST THING I CAN THINK OF, except SHE MIGHT EAT HIM. D: In that case, I'd be rooting for Adrian.

ETA II: From Alan Moore's forward to Firing the Cathedral: "Love at first sight. Cornelius cultists from the very start, asking their mums to get them ‘car coats’ like their hero, ending up in something waist-length, brown and made of Rayon fabric with a furry road-kill collar."

If anyone can find a pic of young Alan Moore outfitted as such, I will owe you the internet.
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Miles Edgeworth, from Phoenix Wright.


Jerry Cornelius, as seen in Tony Lee's Midnight Kiss.


There is some serious wardrobe raiding going on on the part of one of these men.


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