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...more on this later. I want to go back over this book in depth and lay out some more of what I liked/didn't like. But again, this is neither the best OR the worst series that I have read, by a longshot.
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OK, I'm at about chapter 5 or 6 now, and all I can say is that the slew of unafavorable reviews on, the maliciously edited wikipedia entries (the ones where people put in statements about Murtagh, Eragon, and Brom having a threesome or "Oromis's hairless groin" - all of which have since been fixed, btw) and the hater sites like "Arya's Eyebrows" makes me think that there is simply a very dedicated group of Inheritance-Trilogy haters out there who are very vocal and are willing to flood online forums/Amazon with their negative opinions en masse and resort to WikiPrankery in order to try and get their point across.

I've seen this kind of behavior, say, in situations like the YTMND-VS-Ebaumsworld debacle/flamewar, so I know it does happen. Of course, people have different tastes - and there are going to be as many people who don't like the novels as there are fans, as with anything. But it seems as though there are a few folks who are actively out to bash and/or defame the book in order to scare off potential readers, and I just think that's nuts. Who died and made them the "Epic Fantasy Police?" Let people read it themselves and form their own goddamned opinion, mmmkay?

Regarding Eldest, I agree with the reviewer on Amazon who said, "Did any of these people read the same book I did?" Because so far, it's actually better than the first novel in the trilogy so far. Again, it is highly derivative, and Paolini is not Tolkien...but then he never claimed to be, and I think what I said in my last post about most examples of modern fantasy being highly derivative anyway still applies. So J.R.R Tolkien and Anne McCaffrey have written Elves, Dwarves, and Dragons before. Does this mean that no one else is allowed to use them in other stories ever again without being accused of being "too derivative?"

Negative hype about something almost always makes me more curious about the object that is being negatively hyped, rather than turning me off to it. And in this case, I feel (at least in my opinion) that the sheer amount of spite that this book has recieved from its critics is entirely unwarranted. And it's not just a case of me wanting to like it because of all of the negative hype...I wanted to like Dragonlance, and suffered through all three books (and ended up throwing Dragons Of Winter Night across the room more than once, to boot - and of the three initial Dragonlance novels, that one was my "favorite.") I still wish that I could have the month of my life that it took me to read all three of those books back. Eldest is completely different - so far, I'm hooked. As the Merovingian says, "We will see where this goes."

And while I'm on the is Michael Moorcock's opinion of The Lord of the Rings trilogy - "Epic Pooh." I don't necessarily agree with/endorse some of these opinions, but I do think that he makes some very good points.
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OK, having finally finished the book and having seen the film, I can say...I liked the book, but the film was, eh...

Spoilers under here. )

It has apparenly become trendy to bash the unfinished Inheritance trilogy as a Middle Earth/Star Wars knockoff. I say, "he/she who can write a completely non-derivative, entirely original fantasy series may cast the first stone." And while I love Middle Earth as much as the next Fantasy Gamer Nerd, can I say that I think people fellate Tolkien a wee bit too much? Yes, I used "fellate" in that context. Guess what? As long as people keep touting him as the "Fantasy Standard," he and his works will be endlessly imitated. Why does this surprise people?

Michael Moorcock wrote a rant about Tolkien that I've read, that I'll have to find and post. More on this later.

And now Fundie Xtian leaders are apparently decrying Eldest because it supposedly endorses Athiesm and vegetarianism. You know, I don't personally endorse either of those, but just the fact that people are having such a histrionic wankfest over it makes me want to buy it and read it all the more. HOOK ME THE FUCK UP. >:)

Also: GIP.


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