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Democrats shrank US spending, deficit in last fiscal year, figures show.

If this is "Socialism," I dunno, maybe the "conservatives" could stand to learn a thing or two about fiscal responsibility, after their performance 2000-2008? I'm just sayin....

Anyway, things are okay here. I have not been able to effect the Pregnant!Bella costume, but I did go as L from Death Note to a Halloween party with [personal profile] flamingsword the other night. Much alcohol was had. It's nice to be in a place where you can say, "I was going to come as Jerry Cornelius, but I thought this would be more recognizable" and folks know who the hell you're talking about. I got my car coat back from the cleaners. I could still do it.

Ubuntu 10.10 is out.
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I have absolutely no time to put anything like this together, and I'm sure other folks have done this before. But last night, I suddenly wondered if it would be in horrible taste to dress as pregnant!Bella Swann with little protruding Renesmee fangs out of my belly for Halloween.

*looks at the post below this one*

I promise I'm not deliberately trying to be disturbing here. Pinkie swear.

In all seriousness, I'll probably stick with my plan of dressing as L from Death Note. I just realized I've gone as Hawkeye from M*A*S*H for the last three years in a row, and I'm kind of bored with it now.

In other random news, jersey sheets being on sale for five bucks is made of awesome.

ALSO: early voting has begun in Texas. I did my part to support the "Socialist/Sekrit Muslim Gay Mafia." LOL. Hell yeah I did. I'm used to Republicans running things in this state, but goddamn if I'm going to let it become Teabagistan without at least having my say about it.
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So, I was gonna go as Smooth Criminal-Era Michael Jackson, but I haven't been able to find a white blazer anywhere.

Yesterday, I did manage to obtain a black car coat, however.

Looks like I'm going as Jerry instead...


Plans to simulate a passable needlegun are in order.

ETA JC Fanartz?
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Also, here are two things that I'd rather not have to do on Halloween:

A. Clean the garage
II. GO TO WORK! >:-0

...But I did anyway. And now I'm here ar work. Dressed like Alan Alda's version of Hawkeye Pierce. XP


EDIT: also, Michael Hellbane is celebrating his Birthday on the 5th of November. XD Yes, he worked V into the invitation that I got. YAY, BOWLING!

EDIT II: Ack, anyone know how I can fix the table in this meme?

EDIT III: Never mind. ^_^ But now how do I get my font back the way it's supposed to be underneath the LJ-cut?

EDIT IV: Here's where it all started, folks: the video that supposedly springboarded the Gothic Subculture into motion in 1979. Bauhaus in - Bela Lugosi Is Dead.
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You went trick or treating as WedgeAntilles.
CloudStrife gave you ATowel.
JonStewart gave you APaperclip.
CaptainBarbossa gave you VioletBeauregarde'sGum.
Kate gave you ARock.
You had a striking time until JohnKerry accidently blew up the city.

What's Your Trick-or-Treat Haul?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

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It sucks that the only pet shop where I can get decent sugar glider vitamins, rat food, and primate biscuts is 30 fucking miles away. >.< Oh well, at least gas is somewhat cheaper...for now. >:P

The bird shop near me has stopped carrying any of this stuff, so I'll be taking a miniature road trip just as soon as my laundry gets done.

I also need to invest in some patterns and see if I can get my sewing machine(s) to work.

Also, for any DJs who happen to be on my list...why hasn't anyone ever dance-mixed CSNY's Carry On? I'd do myself it if I had the equipment/software/knowhow.


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