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First off...obscure villain is obscure. *points at icon.* And I think he rather likes it that way. contribution to the Vuvuzela fad on YTMND.

Second, Bennu is having a sungasm!

Things are moving forward in reverse. Sort of. But I'm in a better frame of mind about things.

Ordered Michael Moorcock's The Chinese Agent, and replaced my copy of Pure Moods Volume 1. Because dammit, I just can't function without the X Files Dance Remix.

Seriously, it's sort of become my sanity album. It's also the one I've replaced more than any other CD I've ever owned.

It's still difficult not being a nite owl. But I've realized how depressed getting home at 3AM and having my body clock on a schedule so wildly different than anyone else's was making me.

The heat is making me feel very fried, however. HEY TEXAS YOU CAN STOP BEING IN THE TRIPLE DIGITS IN JUNE ANY TIME NOW GEEZ. :( I know, good luck with that.
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What can I say? I love these two symbols so much, I had to incorporate them.

Also, I decided to venture back to the Watchmen Comic Movie Forum after about two weeks or so of being utterly horrified by the place. Here is a post containing the master-list of what has changed, and what has remained, plus commentary. MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT almost goes without saying.


ETA: Why is the Batman OST not in the Amazon MP3 store? D:

ETA: Oh hahahah. The flamewar developing currently at the end of that thread makes me want to deploy macros/Samuel L. Jackson.

I think the problem with a some of the more zealous posters on that forum is that they have severe Rorschach-Envy, trufax - and hold him up as an example of all that is Right and True, without perceiving what Alan Moore was attempting to represent and achieve with his character. Like the folks on the Martin Scorcese board I used to frequent, who honestly couldn't figure out what was off about "Taxi Driver" Travis Bickle's behavior and thought he was supposed to be some kind of action hero.

I have been in the process of exploring the whole "Laurie as a kept woman being compared to a whore" angle in my fanfic. I could have very easily gone with an attempted "Black Snake Moan" type subplot between her and Rorschach, with him seeing her as a "fallen woman" and trying to "reform" her. (i.e. encouraging her break up with Dr. Manhattan, and with him trying to play matchmaker between her and Daniel with awkward and creepy but possibly hilarious results, all while struggling with/trying to deny emerging feelings of his own.)

Oh, what the hell:


Whatever man. That forum is scary. I want to use this as my sig image.

Oh well. Tune in next time, when I give a six-page breakdown of all of the similarities between Rorschach and John Savage from Aldous Huxley's Brave New World!


Sep. 7th, 2008 07:43 pm
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I can't believe no one's done this yet.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Y/N?

Also, you know what fight I'd actually pay good money to see? The Cenobites vs. the Three Storms, amirite?
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The Batcave, the freehosting side of RedWebHost (and the home of my TL;DR Grail Lore site for the past five years) is going down for good at the end of this month. So if you have a batcave site, you might want to do this...

1. Go to each page of your site, right click, and "view source."

2. On the ensuing text document that pops up, click "save as." Name the file and click "Save." Do this with any images on the sites, as well. Back up any video and music files, as well.

I only state this because the last time the Batcave servers went down temporarily in 2004 and lost a lot of data, a bunch of people lost their sites because they hadn't backed up in a while (if EVER.) I unfortunately was one of those people, though there had been enough of my stuff on the wayback machine and in google's cache for me to re-create my site. Also, you would not believe how many customers at my job forget to do this on a regular basis as well, and they're presumably making money from the sites they host on our servers.

That is all. (And if you don't have a site on Batcave, feel free to disregard this message. XD)

Also, GIP. (Thanks, [ profile] foofers!)
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Well, it was the alternator. Fortunately, we were able to get it fixed, anyway.

Also: GIP! Marcus Cole and Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5, with the Immortal Question and the Equally Inexorable Answer. XD


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