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As per an email alert from [ profile] jamesovei, So, anyone know of a large-keyed wireless keyboard that Mike could use? I am looking on newegg myself. COME ON, ARIOCH COMPELS YOU. One of these must exist somewhere in the Million Spheres.

In other news, it is effing cold here in this mother-effing data center.

Oh, and I finally read League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume #1. I understand why Alan Moore is so mad now. Hell, I'm mad. I would've loved to have seen Mina Murray as she is represented in the comic, as opposed to the one-note Amy Lee knockoff we got in the film. D: Not to mention that the rest of it was all a travesty as well, but the watering-down of Mina was especially depressing.

You know, folks in my old gaming group circa 1995-1997 used to joke about playing her as an AD&D character. She'd use a swordcane in her umbrella. We would joke about her diary entries after a session of adventuring...

"Dear Diary,

Today we vanquished a legion of orcs, and brought a cabal of evil clerics to justice. We received 1000 gold pieces and a Sword of Dancing for our efforts. I fear I shall never see My Prince again."

I wish we'd done it, now.
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But I just got sucked into Neverwinter Nights. ^_^ Bigtime.

It happened like this...I was cleaning out my storage bin the other day, when I stumbled upon the NWN discs. My response was "WTF?" because I don't remember ever buying it. It was just...there. I think it might have been something that Tim ([ profile] scorpio6911) gave me when the video store where he works stopped carrying PC games, and he had to get rid of the ones he had left.

Folks, this is the most awesome PC game that I have ever played. it is as if someone tailor-made it to be everything that I would think should rock. Without hyperbole, I can say that I have not played a game this awesome since the Addiction of My Misspent Youth, Quest for Glory I - So You Want To Be A Hero, which I'd previously considered to be the game that had ruined me on all other PC RPG games for life.

With this game, I was able to seamlessly re-create the favorite character that I played for years in tabletop AD&D, and later D&D 3rd Edition games...Marina "Streak" Florian, Half-Elven Multiclass Swashbuckling Bard/Fighter of DOOOOM. (Her nickname derives from two things: the purple streak she dyed in her raven hair, and "Streea," the Drow word for "suicidal" in the daredevil sense. >;) need I say more?)

There will be screencaps. Ohhh yes. There will be screencaps.
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This is REAL, folks! This was an actual question asked on Jeopardy this week.


The answer of course being World of Warcraft. (Which none of the contestants answered correctly.) For those of you who are unfamiliar with the exploits of Mr. Leeroy Jenkins, (aka LEEEEEERROOOOOOOOOOOY MMMMMJENKINS!) here is a little visual aid to get you started. Basically, Leeroy jumped the gun, stormed a hive of monsters before the rest of his party was prepared, and ended up getting his comrades killed. (Hey, as he says at the least no one can accuse him of being chicken!)

This cautionary tale about the dangers of foolhardiness (and being AFK while the rest of the party is discussing strategy) has been posted and reposted all over World of Warcraft forums, and has spawned many YTMND memes as well.

Nor is Leeroy Jenkins the only MMORPG player to be immortalized on YTMND. Though graphics from World of Warcraft were used, this is a real record of a voicechat that occured when one player got, shall we say, irate when another character made off with his artifact-level item, a type of magic cloak called a Cloudsong, during a session of Dark Age of Camelot.

EDIT: And here's a WoW gamer's spoof of the now-infamous Cloudsong tirade.


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