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It's not dermatitis. It's shingles. At least, according to the second opinion I got today. One script for a med I have to take five times a day and one steroid shot later, I am feeling slightly better. And it was a breath of fresh air to get a sympathetic doctor who didn't just act like I was wasting their time because I'm predisposed to dermatitis. ("YOU HAVE A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION GTFO AND SEE A DERMATOLOGIST NEXT IN LINE PLS") And shingles would explain the flaring, stabby pain I've been having.

And the new doctor says if it doesn't clear up, she will get a dermatologist involved. Direct quote. HER NAME IS DR. MCCOY. I have a joke-theory that she is an ancestor of Bones. She told me that there is sort of a shingles epidemic going on right now, which she attributes to stress/the bad economy. Makes sense.

I saw a film called The Public Eye. It is not available on DVD yet, and in my opinion this is a crime against humanity and must be rectified at once. As someone who occasionally runs around Dallas with a camera (even if it's a shitty camera, and my photos all suck) this film was very relevant to my interests, as well as having Joe Pesci in a leading/dramatic/heroic role for once. IN WHICH HE WAS AWESOME. (I am considering redoing the above icon with Leon Bernstein rather than Mr. Big, because damn it fits. If anything, it was a whole movie of "I know bitch, I was watching.")

In that same vein, I am very eagerly awaiting Love Ranch.

Another must-see film that I have seen recently is District 9. I expect this one to at least get a nod at the Oscars, even if it doesn't win anything. I think it'll also be interesting if they decide to do a sequel. It's hard to explain, but the documentary style in which it was shot put me in mind of Brazil for some reason. I mean, here's this pencil-pusher bureaucrat who is just trying to do his job as he's sucked into the chaos and conspiracy that is unfolding around him, and things get progressively worse and worse for him. That, and whoever said the alien technology was "pants-shittingly awesome" was right on target.

Re-watched Watchmen Director's Cut. Am I wrong, or was the Theatrical Cut basically the trailer for the Director's Cut Y/Y?

To all of the people to whom I owe fanfic: I know I'm behind, and I feel very guilty about that. I promise I haven't just blown you all off, and I am working on it. Thank you so, so much for reading. And I DID find my abandoned fic folder from 2003, and so I will be doing the Abandonded Fic meme here sometime this weekend.

I also can haz scanner. More on this as it develops.

That's all for now.
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Well, I've decided to appeal to my friend's list, since I can't find anything via google, IMDB, or (GASP!) wikipedia.

There are two films that I've caught glimpses of, whose names escape me. If anybody can help me identify these movies, I'd really be grateful. Both could be classified as Sci/Fi and/or Horror.

FILM 1: I saw only a few scenes of this on TV as a kid. The scenes I saw of the film had a guy in what was either a space suit or a hazmat suit interacting with people, and the LED readout in the helmet was telling him that they were demons or posessed or something. Years later, there was a joking reference to it in a Simpsons episode (I thought it might have been on one of the "Treehouse of Horror" episodes, with Homer in the "spacesuit.") The Simpsons reference is especially maddening, because Simpsons fansites are generally very good about identifying and annotating pop-culture references in their episode archives...but I haven't been able to find anything in this case.

FILM 2: European expressionist post-WWI film about a town that suddenly has all of its war dead rise from their graves as zombies and march upon the town - not to harm the inhabitants, but to remind the increasingly-complacent villagers about the horrors and consequences of war. This may have been one of the first films ever in which zombies appeared, and I think the name of the film was actually the name of the town...but I can't remember it.

EDIT: One down! Thanks, [ profile] xerne for employing your mad google skilz in order to identify the anti-war zombie film J'accuse, which was made in 1919 after the First World War.


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