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Oct. 3rd, 2009 01:15 am
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Well, I cleaned the heck out of my apartment. So I wasn't mortified when the maintenance guy showed up to fix the microwave (it's a part of the stove. One of the only perks about this place...)

Other plans fell through, but I managed to dust off my copy of the D&D 3.0 PC game Neverwinter Nights and play it. I made a 3.0 Edition multiclass Fighter/Sorcerer, who has to be one of the most badass characters I've ever played in any gaming system, ever. At low levels, she's basically a lightly-armored warrior with a BFS (a Greatsword +1 that she picked up during the prison break in the Peninsula District) who casts buffs on herself and any NPC party members. Yeah, I could actually have her wear heavier armor and just take fighter levels, but it's more interesting this way. I knew I had stumbled onto something awesome when I saw the little character sprite do a critical hit of 25+ damage to an enemy on the unsheathing stroke, and then dodge the return stroke due to her Mage Armor + Resistance buffs.

I haven't tried to make a multiclass character in 4E, but I'm wondering if it's really as limited as it seems at first glance. I mean, the Elven Fighter/Mage or Fighter/Mage/Thief has been a tradition since the First Edition. I am hoping it hasn't been nerfed for the sake of, 'BUT LOOK U GUYS, NOW D&D IS OMGSTREAMLINED!!!111" I guess I should just try to roll one up and see. But though the folks I've been gaming with off and on recently all play 4E, almost everyone else I know has stubbornly stuck with the 3.5 Edition. It might not be difficult to get into a 3.5 Ed game with a pen-and-paper version of this character, and seeing if she is as awesome there as she is in NWN. Hello, new stock character!
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So I took off work, and my friend Dave and I went to a gaming expo yesterday. I finally caved and played my in my first 4E Forgotten Realms game.

I was one of those people who strongly objected to the changes that were made to the Realms in 4E. I had characters who I'd played for several years who were very invested in the struggles between Lolth/Lloth and Eilistraee, for example, and didn't take kindly to them changing all of that. The whole, "Rocks Fall, half of Faerun dies, and now everything's completely different" just seemed so arbitrary. Their whole attitude of, "WE'RE DESTROYING YOUR WORLD, AND IT'LL BE COOL AND YOU'LL LOVE IT!!11111" didn't go over very well with me, as well as a lot of other Realms fans.

But as this was an "Living Forgotten Realms" RPGA game, everything was "canon." I kept slipping up and referring to things that happened around 1360-1375 DR as opposed to the "current day," but as I was an Elf (Ranger, Archer build) I don't think it was that big of a deal. I think the other characters kept expecting my character to go looking for intruders on her lawn, though.


MY CHARACTER: "It wouldn't be the first time something like this happened here, would it?"

CHIEFTAIN: 0_0 "........"

ME: (suddenly realizing that this is A HUNDRED YEARS LATER) IN CHARACTER: "Wasn't there a thing that happened here, some decades back? Like, with an evil god and a bunch of undead?"

PARTY MEMBERS: 0_0 "........"

ME: "Help me out, here. That isn't so long ago as we Elves reckon things..."

PARTY MEMBERS: 0_0 "........"

ME: "Never mind."

This brings up an interesting aspect of playing extremely long-lived characters. What would be a "history" skill check roll for shorter-lived characters might feel like a "Didn't that just happen a week ago? Just a couple of decades? A century? OH DAMN IT FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY," for the longer lived ones. I'm surprised the DM didn't ask me to make a history skill check. It was kind of meta for me to have even brought it up.

Anyway, I had fun.
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So, I'm going to DM a D&D game for the first time in about ten years in about an hour. Sorta nervous, but it's cool.

Also listening to the Beatles' White Album, a late Xmas gift from Mom. :D Since some of my earliest memories are of hearing that and the Magical Mystery Tour album, I'm glad to finally have it here on my hard drive.

Also finally picked up Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49.

I am so ready for 2008 to be over. Happy New Year, everyone!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Saw the above pic on [ profile] splodefromcute and had to caption it. >:)

I need to start running DOSbox so I can start playing the old Menzoberranzan game again. Or maybe I can get it running on my Linux partition if I use WINE.
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The way things are going now, I have an option of either winding up at A.) a Dungeons and Dragons Game, or 2.) The Ubuntu 7.04 release party in Denton, which will be taking place on the UNT college campus.

To quote Catharine O'Hara's character Delia in Beetlejuice, "Who has more fun than us?" XD
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Cut for dialup-killing hugeness. )
My Neverwinter Nights alter-ego is the highlighted sprite in the middle. ^_^ Yes, there's a little bit of Charlize-Theron-as-Aeon Flux going on there, I think. I did that on purpose.

More to come...
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Someone needs to create a Matrix RPG video game using the old Gold-Box Engine format. XD I can picture it now...I wish I could render a facimile so that folks who aren't familiar with the old Gold-Box games will know what the hell I'm talking about. But seriously, that ought to be a snap to do nowdays...maybe I can try to H4xx0r my old Unlimited Adventures game to see what I can come up with. It's the idea of anything Matrix being rendered in low-tech 8-bit non-animated graphics that I find amusing. Imagine a tiny Neo sprite surrounded by dozens of tiny Smith sprites, for example. LOL. It would probably resemble something like this. Yay, tiny 8-bit Drow!

EDIT: More Unlimited Adventures greatness. Linking this here so I can find it later.

EDIT II: Johnny Depp and his fabulous muse.

This part in particular made my night. ROFTL.

"The stark originality of the character initially scared studio heads, says producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

"They said, `He's gay, he's drunk. Oh my God, what are you guys doing?' But once we cut a scene together, they saw the fun of it," he says."

EDIT III: Draconic sexual harassment in GoldBox Land. *DIES*
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Ganked from sarracenia.

OK, I have an idea...if I created an LJ-community solely to run on-line D&D campaigns, is there anyone else who would play? This is just in the idea stages now...I don't know that I'll even have time for an endeavor like this, what with work and the return to college and all. But I think it would work, and frankly I'd be surprised if other people here on the ElJay Internets haven't already thought of something like this. Online dice-roller programs like this one could be used, and I know that there are online character-creation sites like the Red Dragon Inn (though RDI is currently still using 2nd Ed rules, I think) that could work. I'd prefer to use the newest 3.5 update D&D rules, handily located here.

Let me know if you're interested, and I'll see what I can come up with if my schedule permits. Aaaaand as you've probably guessed, the above icon is my general default for anything having to do with gaming. ;)
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I'm thinking of starting a sort of mini-meme for the gamers on LJ, and it goes like know those great moments when the dice let you get away with something that shouldn't be possible on any world? Like the time a "Natural 20" allowed my Barbarian to toss an enemy Fighter in full plate armor up at a Wizard who was casting magic missiles down at him atop a seige tower, taking out both armored warrior and Wizard at the same time?

Another Example: Cleavage +5 Vs Vampires. )
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Not excercising regularly sucks. Especially when my body starts to feel sore and stiff because the muscles that I spent basically all of last year trying to tone are turning to jelly. Soooooo it's back on the 'ol diet and excercise regimen for me. No more bad food choices, least, not as often or as badly as I have been indulging lately. I'm going to get my @$$ up every day and do my walking-with-hand-weights thing again. I want to get back down to at least 130 pounds. I wouldn't sniff at weighing 140 again, but I'd really rather weigh 130-125.

My co-workers are trying to rope me into DMing their D&D game when it gets slow at work. Which I guess is cool, except that it's playing that I miss, not running a game.

I'm going to take part in this week's [ profile] babylon5contest icon-making contest. Wish me luck. :) Except for a few exceptions, I'm going to try to use only quotes from the band Massive Attack.


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