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(X-posted to El Jay.)

Didn't go out to the park today yesterday due to a splitting headache, but I did go along with the march to City Hall yesterday and take pictures that will soon be up on my flickr account.

City Hall has displayed far more rationality and civility than New York or Chicago by attempting to work with us rather than just sending in guys with batons to bust heads. The movement has been offered a place behind City Hall and will be moving the camp there tomorrow. Some folks will be staying in Pioneer Park and getting arrested as an act of civil disobedience. That is their prerogative. But for the most part, I'm amazed that Dallas is being more forward thinking than more so-called liberal cities up north.
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My flickr photostream for #OccupyDallas.


I feel like these pictures and videos don't even do the event justice. These people are so awesome. I hope this event continues to go down peacefully and that our message is heard.
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Things were so awesome that I'm not even sure where to begin. I still have not uploaded photos yet - but that may happen tonight, or as soon as I find my AWOL USB sync cable, whichever comes first.

First off - I take back anything negative that I may have said about Dallas Law Enforcement EVER. The Dallas Police were even handing out bottled water to protesters. There were a few disagreements amongst protesters about our message, (all-encompassing "damn the man" vs just "damn the Federal Reserve and the Big Three banks" for the most part) but other than that everyone was cool. I am headed back soon for day 2. The energy was so awesome, I just wish that the folks in #OccupyWallStreet had gotten this reaction instead of what they're getting.

EDIT: [ profile] flamingsword and I can be seen at around 3:50. I am the one in the hat with the cat macro sign, ("BANKSTERS FORCLOSED ON MAH CHEEZBURGER.") she is the one in the goggles. She was the one with the idea for the cat macro signs and their construction, I just helped. ^_^
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I have no idea if the cops here in Dallas are going to be like the ones in New York. Anyway, I promise to post pics of the march no matter what happens.

I'd also like to post this:

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Take care, everyone. And RIP, Steve Jobs.


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