Date: 2017-04-24 12:16 pm (UTC)
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I have to admit that I was more open to those kinds of things as a young person myself, though I was never able to get into Piers Anthony. I have a hypothesis that our society is actually so toxic, that to a point, adolescent girls are programmed via social conditioning - to want attention from older creeper guys, or to seek it out. When I was sixteen, I wanted nothing more but to be swept off my feet by some hot older guy - and when I say older, I was thinking 35+ when I was sixteen. I was lucky and this didn't happen, but it remained a harmful fantasy ideal in my head for wayyyyy longer than it should have. And this leaves young women open to abuse and exploitation that just seems to have gotten worse with time. I really didn't "snap out of it" until I was in my early thirties - and the paradigm shift was horrifying, because I'd spent my teens and 20s idealizing that kind of thing in fanfic ("It's ok if they're soulbonded like in Mercedes Lackey's books, or "Recognized" like in Elfquest!") I touched on it some more here.
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