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This is copy pasted from a facebook thread, but it's my take on the situation. But this sums it up perfectly:

First off, everything about the attack was disingenuous. Domald Tromp spent years berating Obama for any action in Syria, and then did this thing. He didn't do it to avenge "beautiful Syrian babies." (who he'll probably be dating in 10 years!) He did it to look like a strongman, he did it using bombs he owns stock in, and he did it to pander to specific people - even though he called Putin before he informed congress and he asked Putin "mother may I" before proceeding, and the base was operational again the next day, so obviously the attack didn't do much. He did it after banning refugees, as the dominant party line for the conservatives has been about "bannin furriners from coming in and takin ar jerbs and infiltratin ar wimmen." and he did it after a statement seeming to be ok with whatever Assad did next.

Here is what should have happened. He should have not only let refugees in, he should have been like "hell, if you want out, we'll come GET you," and then worked with international aid and human rights organizations to do just that. If they are attacked while under a white flag, then it's an act of war and he gets to use the Tomahawks.

Second, how about this modest proposal: we should have done Assad like we did Bin Laden, like we have done in countless banana republics, and like we SHOULD HAVE done Saddam. Make it a total CIA joint. People will scream for war at the top of their bleeding little lungs (and let's face it, war when your popularity polls are down is page #1 in the Republican/Neoconservative playbook) but we're America - we can't honestly act like assassination is something we're squeamish about. Fucking Red Wedding the motherfucker. Spare all those civvies we'd normally been dropping bombs on.

When the international community complains, be like "ahahahha we're AMERICA, we have the biggest Military in the world, we can drop anyone, anywhere, anytime if they become a nuisance and gas their own people, and ooooh I'm so scared of your SANCTIONS," and then gone on with our lives. I have seen conservatives screaming for the US military to "turn the middle east into a glass parking lot!" who clutch their pearls at the idea of assassination. (Also because really what they want is not to spare the people living in the middle east anything, they want another Holy War between Xtianity and Islam, and just taking out the despotic leader and leaving all of those tasty Muslims intact and unscathed runs entirely counter to their way of thinking.) But one guy is a crime and a tragedy, thousands of civilians are a statistic. (And this is why Hillary Clinton should have been elected. LOL, I don't actually believe the conspiracy theories about her disappearing all those people, but it would have it would have given us a good chance to find out, wouldn't it?)

Kidding! Really what should *actually* be happening is that there should be a world court and a world entity that can arrest and judge people like Assad. I mean, there IS, but we've been spending the last 40 years trying to pull its fangs and dodge it because THEN WE WOULD BE SUBJECT TO IT and if we were, Henry Kissenger's head would already be on a spike outside the Hague for all the reasons I just mentioned, and plus the fact that thousands of civvies were massacred anyway on top of it. (I agree with Anthony Bourdain: "Once you've been to Cambodia, you'll never stop wanting to beat Henry Kissinger to death with your own hands.") That said, we really do need one of those, and we need to be subject to it ourselves.

EDIT: Stop Pretending You Know Why Trump Decided To Bomb Syria, Because He Doesn't Know Either.

Date: 2017-04-09 05:04 pm (UTC)
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Don't you know that American exceptionalism means that the rules apply to everyone except us? I mean, come on.


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