Aug. 31st, 2017

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Those of you who have me friended over on the Facebook have seen my reactions thus far, which have mostly consisted of me re-sharing other people's reactions.

I literally can't wrap my mind around the devastation. I have friends down in Houston. So far, thank God, they are all okay to my knowledge. But I can't help but worry about a friend whom I last heard from in 2003, when she said she was withdrawing from all internet activity forever and deleted all her social media accounts (which back then were AIM and Yahoo.) I've thought about her and her roommate, another friend of mine, a lot over the years, and I really hope they are okay right now, but I have no way to contact them. Their old email accounts stopped working long ago.

There was a gas scarcity panic over it here in Dallas today. Prices shot up about 15-20 cents on the gallon because refineries are down, but some pundit or podcast urged people to GO FILL UP NOW because reserves are about to vanish, (so they claim) and now we have cars lined up around the block at most nearby gas stations, and fights apparently breaking out - and dammit this was all so totally unnecessary, but not altogether unexpected; people being as prone to panic as they are. As far as I know, DFW is the only metroplex affected by this panic. I'm good on gas right now, unless some miscreant siphons my tank in the night.

Otherwise, I salute all of those who have given what they can, and all the first responders, the Cajun Navy, and everyone who helped save others, and who came to their neighbors' aid. We are Texans, and we will get through this.

EDIT: Also, I can't seem to find the setting that forces other people's journals and communities to display in my current theme. Because I turned it on to test the CSS from [personal profile] solarbird's phone-friendly DW theme hack, and now I can't find it to turn it back off again. D: EDIT: Found it!


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