Mar. 15th, 2017

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So, now I have to get up even EARLIER because of DST. The few "extra" hours of daylight are helpful to my seasonal affective disorder as always, but it's put a huge crimp in everything else (is that a real metaphor? Am I mixing metaphors?) I was asked to surrender my Goth Card Sunday evening because of this. :P

Flipside season is coming up again. Prep is always my favorite part because it gives me an excuse to do woodworking that I normally can't do, living in an apartment. I see all these pics on Imgur and everywhere else of people achieving intensive and crazy creative stuff on their balconies, or in their living rooms after having thrown plastic down over everything, and extolling the virtues of ventilation and vacuums when you just don't have access to a garage. I have ideas for coffee tables and bookshelves I want to do - instead of throwing down 200 dollars on shelves from IKEA, building something like this over one entire wall, for example, for maybe half the price! Mom actually suggested the old cinder block shelving arrangement, which I have seen executed in an extremely effective way at a friend's apartment.

Oh well, have a video.


numb3r_5ev3n: Jerry Cornelius (Default)

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