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It's also an excuse for [personal profile] phobotrope to grill out.

We have some camp furniture to finish painting and polyurethaning, and we're setting up all our tents and stuff to make sure they still work after being in storage all year, our air mattresses have no holes, etc. At some point Big Trouble In Little China will be watched.

Once again, our usually-assigned campground went from being a relatively level area next to a creek, to a relatively steep incline after the 2015 flood, and seems to get worse with every flash flood. Cots are out of the question this year. (Do you want to end up in the creek? Because that's a great way to end up in the creek.)

We had to redo the camp bar. We're trying to turn it from a monstrosity that took nearly an hour to assemble, to something that can be set up/taken down in ten minutes. The 2015 disaster forced us to rethink a lot a things.

Lots of camps have bars - people within the camp all buy different boozes to bring to the event, and take turns serving passers-by.

Our nifty glam bartops for this year:


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