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In the past, I've had a bad habit of getting involved with a new fandom, only to be derailed when something else grabs my attention. I've recently found myself in a situation where I am juggling three different fandoms (Watchmen, Hellraiser, and Moonwalker) and it's been kind of awkward. But that's not the reason that my enthusiasm kind of trailed off. The real reason is, I kind of got dogpiled in a couple of comms (LJ and elsewhere) with folks who seemed convinced that Alan Moore is misogynist, any depiction of Laurie is misogynist by default because she's a "caricature of womanhood as Alan Moore sees it that can never be redeemed" or some shit like that - and basically made me feel like misogynist for writing her.

The thing is - I think they're all missing the goddamn point, and Laurie kicks ass. I think the recent release of the Director's Cut DVD proved this nicely. I think that the folks who are screaming "MISOGYNY!" are basically just seeing what they want to see. No one is making them read my fic, anyway. :| It's just that the insinuation really hurt, and it's actually taken me a while to get over it enough to start writing fic again.

A story can explore themes of rape and the messed-up roles that gender plays in this society (along with the messed-up opinions some people have about gender) without being 'OMG MISOGYNIST.' No rly. These themes can be depicted in a story without the story or author endorsing them. This is what I think a lot of people don't get. Heck, one of the main themes in my main fic is what happens when the most macho, homophobic character among the protagonists is victimized, and Laurie finds herself becoming his advocate and pulling for him despite her own personal reservations when the antagonists responsible for the vile act are the administrations of Richard Fucking M. Nixon and her own father.

A story does not necessarily endorse or encourage the themes it explores. I mean, if that were true, Harry Potter would endorse the racist elitism displayed by the Death Eaters, and LOTR would endorse incorporeal ex-Maiar using magic rings to take over the world. Sometimes things have to be tackled in stories to reflect how things are in real life, so we can face these problems and resolve them. Not because we liek raep, or racism, or we want undead ex-Maiar with magic rings to be our undying overlords.

Another thing...and I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but I personally don't feel comfortable having debates about feminism unless people can agree upon and define what feminism is. To me, it's equal rights, equal pay, equal respect for skills, intelligence, and individual merit, and the right to dictate how and when men get to interact with me as someone born physically female. I'm sorry, any guy I don't know very well who gets too "familiar" too quickly is gonna get shanked, or at least smacked. That's just how I am. I've had my own traumas with their associated triggers, which has influenced my behavior as I've come up in the world. I was one of those people who cheered in Matrix - Reloaded when Trinity said, "Touch me, and that hand will never touch anything again."

But a few of my friends who swear up and down that they are as feminist as the live-long day hold sacred their right and ability to flaunt their sexuality and sensuality as a part of their own personal empowerment, and enjoy the effect it has on men. Are they wrong? I don't know, but I do know other self-proclaimed feminists who would protest that said friends are just playing into male fantasies/entitlement towards womens' bodies, and are dragging the rest of the gender back down into a GORlike Dark Age. Which group has the right of it? Do either of them have the right of it? Who gets to decide, except for the individuals involved?

My point is...nobody I've met seems to have the same definition of feminism anyway, so how can one make broad generalizations about something that seems (to me anyway) to be entirely subjective?

Anyway, I'm getting back on the horse.

In b4 flames.

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